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Indian Market Recap : Nifty Down Heavily On The Day, Hovers Green YTD, US Following

Analyst Team trader
Updated 13 Mar 2024

The Indian stock market witnessed a significant downturn on Wednesday, casting a shadow over the prospects for Nifty and Bank Nifty performance tomorrow. The market, which initially opened on a positive note, soon succumbed to prevailing uncertainties, culminating in a considerable fall across various sectors.

On the frontline of the sell-off, sectors like Metal, Media, Energy, and Realty bore the brunt of investor skittishness, each suffering drops. This overarching pessimism was not confined to selected sectors; broader indices also fell, with the Nifty midcap and smallcap indexes receding precipitously by 4.40% and 5.28%, respectively. The Nifty 50 lost 338 points or 1.5% on the day to leave the key index hovering 1.18% in the green for 2024.


The Sensex, a barometer of 30 established Indian companies, did not escape the bearish grip, closing down by a notable 906.07 points or 1.23% at 72,761.89. The Nifty, which encapsulates a broader set of stocks, declined sharply by 797.05 points or 5.28%, ending the day at 21,997.70. Reflecting the growing unease in the market, the National Stock Exchange's volatility index, known as India VIX, climbed by 5.82%, reaching 14.43 on Wednesday—signaling that investors are bracing for more turbulent times ahead.

Nifty futures slipped beneath the day's earlier gains to close lower by 370.60 points or 1.65% at 22,076.45. The investment vehicle experienced a dramatic swing of 490 points throughout the session, highlighting the underlying volatility.

Bank Nifty futures, representative of banking stocks, also succumbed to downward pressure, closing lower by 505.25 points or 1.06% at 47,022—after covering an expansive range of 736.75 points during the day's trading. Both Nifty and Bank Nifty futures were locked in a primary negative trend as of Wednesday.

While Indian markets wrestled with the onslaught of bearish trends, the global landscape offered a mixed view. Various Asian stock market indexes closed with divergent results on Wednesday, painting a picture of regional discrepancy in investor sentiment. On the flip side, European stock market indexes managed to keep their head above water, trading marginally higher amidst the global economic maelstrom. At the time of writing FTSE 100 is +0.25%, the DAX40 +0.04%, and the CAQ40 performing better at +0.76%.

Investors and traders are now keenly focusing on the Asia market predictions for tomorrow as the bellweather US indices find themselves trading down on the day in their morning session. Analysts opine that amid such volatility, predictive insights are challenging but essential for strategizing in the equity markets. With the underlying sentiment appearing weak, and India VIX indicating higher market volatility, it's expected that caution will be the guiding principle.

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