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KOSPI Index Turns Positive Through 2024 After 2.44% Gains This Week

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Updated 7 Jun 2024

After adding 2.44% to the index value this week, the KOSPI has turned green on the year, now trading up 1.98% after earlier struggles. The index looks set to remain within the emerging markets bracket, as the previous issues surrounding short selling infrastructure are weighing on the requirements for ‘developed market' status at the MSCI.

MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International) issued a report today indicating that the consideration for upgrading South Korea to a developed market has been marred by the country's current policy on short-selling. The announcement has introduced a level of uncertainty into the South Korean market, which had been in anticipation of a potential upgrade.

Short-selling is a trading strategy that involves selling securities that the seller does not currently own, with the intention of buying them back at a lower price in the future. Regulators around the world often have differing policies on short-selling, which can influence investor behavior and market dynamics. In South Korea, restrictions on short-selling have been a point of contention for MSCI, which has cited this as an impediment to the country's market classification upgrade.

Meanwhile, MBK Partners, a private equity firm, is planning to sell the supermarket chain unit of Homeplus, one of the leading retail chains in South Korea. This move signifies a notable shift in ownership within the country's retail market and could have implications for industry consolidation and competition.

Amidst these developments, Ourhome, a Korean catering firm, finds itself amidst a sibling feud which is set to result in the CEO's departure. This executive shuffle at a major corporation underscores the internal challenges that Korean firms may encounter, further illustrating the complex landscape within which the MSCI classification is being considered.

On a brighter note, Korea's National Pension Service (NPS) reported a robust 5.8% return in the first quarter, buoyed significantly by a rally in US tech stocks. This performance by the NPS is indicative of the strong investment capabilities present within the Korean financial system and adds another dimension to the conversation around the country's market maturity.

The state of direct lending in the South Korean financial sector has been highlighted as a core allocation for investors, with M&G Investments identifying it as a strategic focus point. Direct lending provides an alternative to traditional banking and can enhance portfolio diversification for investors.


LS Materials, a South Korean material science company, is forecasted to boost its earnings as it moves towards an initial public offering (IPO). This expectation sets a positive precedent for the Korean stock market, as successful IPOs tend to attract both domestic and international investor interest.

Nonetheless, the value of firms listed on Korea's Kospi 200 index remains lower when compared to rivals in MSCI's developed markets. This valuation gap further illustrates the challenges faced by the South Korean market in meeting the more stringent criteria set by MSCI for developed market status.

In response to these financial dynamics, South Korea is contemplating easing foreign ownership limit rules, which has led to market speculation about a potential upgrade by MSCI. Such regulatory changes may encourage global investment and bring Korean practices in alignment with international standards.

While South Korea's financial ecosystem exhibits characteristics of a developed market, key issues such as the short-selling ban and valuation disparities with developed market rivals present stumbling blocks. The interplay of regulatory policies, market practices, and corporate developments will continue to shape South Korea's journey towards achieving developed market status as classified by MSCI.

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