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KOSPI Index Rallied Through June, July Remaining Bullish

Analyst Team trader
Updated 8 Jul 2024

South Korea's financial market has recently demonstrated significant growth and positive earnings that surpassed expectations, with several key highlights shaping investor sentiment.

The KOSPI index experienced a notable increase of 6.12% through the month of June, and continues to carry momentum into July where a further 2.14% in gains has seen the index settle above 2850. This surge can be attributed to various factors, including robust corporate earnings reports and positive investor sentiment in the broader market.

In particular, Samsung Securities Co Ltd (KRX: 016360) stood out among major brokerage firms, posting an impressive 18.73% growth over the last month, making it the firm with the largest increase in this period. Such a performance indicates strong operational success and the possibility of increased investor confidence in the company.

Noteworthy is the combined expected net income attributable to controlling shareholders of the top five domestic brokerage firms for the second quarter, which summed to an impressive 9138 billion won. This figure represents a 15.48% increase over the forecasts from three months prior, signaling better-than-expected financial health in the brokerage sector.


Kiwoom Securities (KRX: 039490) has published a detailed value-up disclosure, setting the stage for anticipation that other brokerage firms will follow suit with their own value-up policies in the second half of the year. Such policies are often designed to enhance shareholder value and can have positive effects on the firms' respective stock prices if executed well.

In the energy sector, LG Energy Solution (KRX: 373220) saw its share price rise by 9.49%. To add to the industry's upbeat news, Samsung SDI and POSCO Chemical Co. (formerly POSCO Future Materials) also experienced share price increases of 7.91% and 3.09%, respectively, indicating strength in the Korean energy and materials sectors.

In tech, both Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics announced second-quarter earnings that were better than expected, often termed as ‘earnings surprises'. This resulted in a dramatic increase in the call option prices for Samsung Electronics, which rose up to ninefold, while LG Electronics' call options surged over 70%. Such spikes are indicative of investors' optimistic outlook on these companies' future performance.

The price of Kospi200 call options has also increased, suggesting that option traders are placing bullish bets on the Kospi index's strength. The overall trading activity in call options has risen, and it seems likely that the put-call ratio for Kospi200 options has also increased, providing further evidence of a broad-based bullish sentiment in the Korean financial market.

These developments have painted a positive picture for the South Korean stock market, bolstering optimism among investors and suggesting strong performance potential in the coming months.

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