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Lawsuit Filed Against Intel

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Updated 27 May 2024

News coming through today indicates that Intel Corporation (NASDAQ INTC) has a potential case to answer, as law firm Bronstein, Gewirtz & Grossman, LLC has initiated a class action lawsuit against the tech giant and certain of its officers. This legal action stems from allegations of violations of federal securities laws, casting a shadow over the company's recent operations.

The class action lawsuit specifically addresses investors who purchased or acquired securities of Intel between January 25, 2024, and April 25, 2024. This period has been tumultuous for the company and has seen notable fluctuation in Intel's stock price, which is among the concerns cited in the lawsuit.

Intel recently overhauled its reporting structure, which laid bare a $7 billion operating loss within its Foundry segment for the year 2023. This disclosure, made public on April 3, 2024, precipitated an abrupt 8.2% slide in stock price. Concerns heightened even further when the first-quarter financial results of 2024 revealed a stark 10% decline in the Foundry segment's profitability from the previous year, leading to another sharp 9.2% stock price decline on April 26, 2024.

At the heart of the Complaint is the allegation that Intel did not adequately disclose significant operating losses incurred in 2023 and misled investors about the profitability and impact of the Foundry model on the company's broader Integrated Device Manufacturing (IDM) 2.0 strategy – a key component of Intel's growth plan.

The Foundry segment's performance is critical as it underpins Intel's strategic pivot towards becoming a major provider of foundry services amidst global semiconductor shortages.

You can view the class action filing directly with the legal firm bringing the case here.

The legal actions currently unfolding could have substantial implications for Intel, both in terms of potential financial liabilities and its reputation in the investor community. For a company that's an integral player in the fabric of global technology, the outcomes of this lawsuit could resonate far beyond the courtroom, possibly affecting its operational and strategic positions moving forward.

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