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Anglo American (AAL.L) Has Another Green Day In Markets – Analysts Like It

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Updated 25 Apr 2024

In a display of resilience amidst market uncertainty, Anglo American (LON:AAL) has witnessed a notable uptick in its stock price, boasting a very strong 13.11% rise in the last month, gaining 253p. Today was another green day for the company, with the stock closing out the day of UK trading up 3.47%.

Looking forward, financial analysts peer into the proverbial crystal ball and predict an upturn in Anglo American's fortunes with a range of positive comments. Barron's Andrew Bary called AAL.L a ‘diamond in the rough' just last month, with three further notable upgrades coming in the last week.

JP Morgan kept an Overweight rating on the shares in a recent note, with analyst Dominic O'Kane raising the price target on Anglo American to 2,600 GBp (from the previous mark of 2,300 GBp). Citi analysts (holding a ‘buy' rating) also raise their price target to a lofty 2,800GBp (from 2,500GBp). Analyst Ephrem Ravi believes the company's copper business alone is worth 5% higher than the current share price. Barclays was the third firm to raise, remaining ‘Overweight' and pushing their mark up to 2,715GBp (from 2,500GBp).

Some of the commentary surrounding valuation of the business units may be key to why many see opportunity in spite of disappointing total fundamentals. It has been said that if the current multiple on Anglo American stock is sustained for long, that it may trigger a break-up of the company to realize the the potential upside that it would present. The sum-of-the-parts seems to be valued greater than the collective at this stage, and that represents potential opportunities for holders.

Beneath the surface of this buoyancy, and analyst positivity, potentially lurks some questionable fundamentals, prompting investors to ponder the sustainability of such market performance.

Central to the concerns is Anglo American's Return on Equity (ROE), which is currently pegged at 1.2%.

This figure may initially appear modest; however, it stands in stark contrast to the industry average of 8.1%, casting a shadow over the firm's efficacy in utilising shareholders' funds. This disparity is of particular interest given that ROE is often used as a gauge of financial profitability and hints at potential underperformance relative to sector peers.

Adding to the complexity is the company's dividend policy. Despite a payout ratio of 48%, reflecting a yield of 3,45% there has been an absence of significant earnings growth to accompany this shareholder remuneration. This juxtaposition raises eyebrows and fuels debates on whether the payouts are at the expense of reinvestment and if the current distribution strategy is efficient in the long run.

As conversations around these figures ensue, it is imperative to keep in mind that market performance can at times diverge from underlying company fundamentals—a phenomenon that can provide both opportunities and risks.

As the minerals giant continues to forge ahead, the markets will be watching closely.

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