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GSK Firmly Supports London as Core Market Hub

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Updated 24 Jun 2024

In a resounding show of commitment to the London market, GSK PLC (LON: GSK) has made it clear that the company is staunchly behind keeping its primary stock listing in the UK. Emma Walmsley, the CEO of GSK, conveyed an unambiguous stance by stating the company's unwavering 100% support for the London market, despite a mere 3% of its business actually being in Britain.

This significant endorsement comes at a time when many companies are re-evaluating their geographical and financial strategies. Yet, GSK has not shown a trace of interest in shifting its listing away from London, as emphasized by Walmsley. The pharmaceutical giant has a robust footprint within the country, boasting a network of nine sites and factories, a workforce comprising 11,000 employees, and a yearly offering of 300 apprenticeships. These substantial figures speak volumes about GSSF's grounding and investment in the UK economy and workforce.


Furthermore, in a move poised to consolidate its commitment to the region, GSK is preparing to open its new global headquarters in central London. This strategic decision is not just about maintaining a business presence; it's a calculated step to attract top-notch talent and solidify London's status as a central hub for GSK's global operations.

Contrary to claims that New York might offer superior valuations, David Schwimmer, the CEO of the London Stock Exchange Group, challenged these notions by stating there is no factual basis to support them. He confidently stated that London remains an alluring prospect for listings and is, in fact, becoming increasingly compelling for companies around the globe.

Reinforcing this sentiment, Schwimmer disclosed that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is spearheading substantial reforms destined to revamp the UK markets. These changes are expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks, further highlighting the proactive measures being taken to keep the London Stock Exchange at the forefront of global financial markets.

In conclusion, with GSK's decision to support the London market resolutely, coupled with imminent reforms from the FCA, and firm advocacy from the London Stock Exchange Group, it's evident that London's appeal as a prime location for business and financial activity remains strong and is set on an upward trajectory. This collaborative commitment to the London market underscores the city's enduring allure as a top-tier financial hub.

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