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3i Shares (III.L) Decline Despite Strong Earnings – Profit Taking Or Case Of High Expectations?

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Updated 9 May 2024

Shares of British private equity giant 3i Group PLC (LON:III) have fallen by 3.3% today, signalling a potential move by investors to crystallize gains following a period of healthy growth – shares are up 22.65% YTD. The drop today has occurred despite robust year-end figures that showcased a significant increase in the net asset value.

In the year to March, 3i Group reported a substantial yield of £3.8 billion. More impressively, the increase in net asset value per share—from £17.45 to £20.85—highlighted a period of vigorous growth for the firm and its investors.

Central to 3i's sterling performance is the success of Dutch discount retailer Action. Action's sales saw a substantial increase of 28% to £9.72 billion, clearly reflecting a competitive advantage in the retail sector. Furthermore, underlying earnings rose by an impressive 34%, reaching £1.38 billion. These figures underscore Action's operational triumphs within 3i's diverse portfolio.

Despite the positive figures, some analysts, including Liberum's Joachim Klement, have voiced concerns about potential pitfalls. Klement highlighted issues such as the portfolio's large concentration risk and the high valuation of 3i's shares as possible precursors to profit-taking. These apprehensions hint at factors that could be contributing to the day's share price decline.

Nevertheless, the analysis of Action's operational resilience remains mostly favourable. The retailer showcased impressive margin expansion which, along with other factors, helped mitigate any significant drops in EBITDA growth. This indicates that while there are concerns, the operational backbone of 3i's portfolio constituent, Action, holds strong promise and stability.

3i's slip in the stock market might be a bump in the road when pitted against its formidable yearly financial achievements. As you can see from the chart above, III.L has given shareholders a lot to smile about over the last 12 months, with more than 60% gains. Although market sentiment can often induce short-lived share price volatilities, the underlying value and outcomes provided by 3i to its investors remain concrete.

The market's movement today could be an instance of investors taking stock after a period of pronounced growth, possibly indicating a cautious but not overtly pessimistic outlook on 3i's future. Moving forward, the capacity of firms like 3i to maintain growth amidst varying degrees of market scepticism will be observed with keen interest by stakeholders and analysts alike.

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