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L’Oreal Modifies Outlook on Global Beauty Growth

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Updated 1 Jul 2024

After a difficult start to 2024 for L'Oreal stocks, (EPA: OR) today marks an up day, with 1.1% gains so far. With a YTD drop of 6.6% still sitting heavy on holders, we need to understand why the price dip?

Recent events caught the attention of the beauty industry when L'Oreal announced adjustments to its global beauty market growth forecast. Originally set at an optimistic 5.0%, the company has now tempered its expectations to a more cautious range of 4.5-5.0%. This revision is a direct response to the market volatility in China, a key market for the beauty juggernaut that has experienced a “slightly negative” impact during China's 6.18 shopping festival.

Upon the announcement by CEO Nicolas Hieronimus, L'Oreal’s stock registered a notable dip, signalling investor concern over the adjusted growth projections. Despite this, gross sales for L'Oreal China have reportedly increased, even though net sales took a hit during the aforementioned shopping festival. This mixed result highlights the complexity of consumer behaviour and sales dynamics in the Chinese market.

Compounding the issues abroad, L'Oreal's performance in the United States also reflects shifting market dynamics. Growth in the U.S. is showing signs of slowing, largely due to a decline in mass makeup sales. Nonetheless, there is a silver lining as the company continues to enjoy robust sales in the prestige fragrance segment. The luxury end of the market, it seems, continues to attract consumers willing to indulge in higher-end beauty products.


In the broader context of the U.S. market, L'Oreal-USA is expected to grow at 2%, a figure that is lower than the results from the first quarter of 2024. Notably, the company maintains a stronghold in the U.S. prestige segment, particularly in fragrances and makeup, pointing to a strategic success in targeting the upscale consumer base.

Despite the current challenges, analysts are forecasting a 5.8% like-for-like sales increase for L'Oreal in the second quarter. This projected uptick is a testament to the company's resilient business model and its ability to adapt to changing market conditions. Nevertheless, Evercore has opted for a more conservative estimate, setting their forecast at 4.9%. Such varying predictions underscore the uncertainty that currently characterises the beauty industry, and further developments will be closely monitored by stakeholders.

L'Oreal's adjustments to its global beauty growth forecast underscore the volatile nature of the industry, particularly in significant markets like China and the U.S. While the lower-than-expected results from China's 6.18 shopping festival and the slowdown in U.S. mass makeup sales have necessitated a tempered outlook, the company's impressive performance in the prestige segments suggests resilience in the face of market fluctuations. Investors and analysts alike remain watchful as L'Oreal navigates through these changes, and the company’s next moves will be crucial in maintaining its position as a global beauty leader.

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