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Meta Platforms Pauses Threads App Operations in Turkey

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Updated 16 Apr 2024

In adherence to regulatory demands, Meta Platforms Inc. (NASDAQ: META) has announced its decision to temporarily cease the operations of its messaging app Threads in Turkey starting from April 29th. The move comes as a response to the orders issued by the Turkish Competition Authority which has targeted the tech giant over antitrust concerns.

Threads, a relatively new entrant in the competitive social media space launched by Meta, managed to gather significant traction since its initial release in July 2023, amassing nearly 100 million users within the first 72 hours. The app, seen as a direct rival to platforms such as Elon Musk's X (formerly known as Twitter), was a poised contender in the social media messaging sphere.

However, the relations between Meta and Turkish regulatory bodies have soured as the Turkish Competition Authority accused the company of leveraging its dominant position in the market in a detrimental manner. Specifically, the Authority claims that Meta engaged in abusive practices by pooling together user data from both Threads and its renowned photo-sharing app, Instagram. The concern revolves around the conglomerate's integration strategy that may undermine competitive market practices and user data privacy.


The scrutiny over this issue began in earnest in December, following heightened sensitivity to the ways tech giants handle user data and their influence over competition. An investigation was prompted to determine the extent to which Meta may have violated competition laws via its Threads and Instagram connectivity.

While Threads faces a temporary setback within the Turkish market, Meta Platforms has reassured its customers and stakeholders that its other popular services, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, will remain unaffected by this development. The company has been keen to emphasise that the temporary suspension of Threads is a localised issue, strictly adhering to the compliance directives of the Turkish Competition Authority.

The unfolding events mark another chapter in the global discussion regarding the power wielded by tech conglomerates and the handling of user data. This case underscores the increasing vigilance of regulatory bodies worldwide in maintaining market equilibrium and protecting consumer interests against potential monopolistic behaviors.

Meta Platforms has not yet provided a detailed plan on how it intends to address the concerns raised by the Turkish Competition Authority or a timeline for when Threads might resume its operations in Turkey. Users of the app in Turkey are now in a wait-and-see mode, anticipating further announcements on the future of Threads and its place in the competitive landscape of social media platforms.

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