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(NASDAQ:META) Why Are Meta Shares Down Despite Beat On Revenue?

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Updated 25 Apr 2024

Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: META), the parent company of Facebook, experienced a sharp decline of around 15.13% in its share price during after-hours trading. The sell-off came in response to the company's projection of higher operational costs and a revenue forecast that didn't meet market analysts' expectations.

The technology giant anticipates that its total expenses may soar to as much as $99 billion, attributed significantly to its substantial investments in artificial intelligence (AI) and the development of a new product infrastructure. These investments are part of Meta's broader shift towards a future focused on AI and immersive virtual reality environments, which the company believes will be central to its growth strategy.

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Despite reporting first-quarter revenue of $36.5 billion, squarely in line with analysts' predictions, Meta's guidance for the subsequent quarter was less rosy, with projected numbers falling slightly short of what the financial community had anticipated. This cautious revenue outlook is a stumbling block for a company still grappling with stiff competition from rivals and a challenging advertising market environment.

  • Meta's revenue climbed 27% in Q1 2024 this compared to expected rise of a 26% increase.
  • Capex target has been increased from $35-$40 billion.
  • The company is wanting to “aggressively” invest in AI research this year, funneling their funds back into the company.
  • The number of daily active users have also increased by 7% totaling 3.24 billion people worldwide.


In parallel, legislators have recently passed a measure that could ban TikTok, Meta's competitor app popular among younger audiences. While such a move could potentially open market space for Meta, the company's Chief Financial Officer, Susan Li, remarked that it was premature to evaluate the eventual implications.

The flip side view – Despite the current financial challenges and increased expenditures, some argue that Meta's heavy investment in AI could position it well for long-term dominance in tech innovation. Critics suggest that current market reactions are overly focused on short-term gains and fail to appreciate the potential revolutionary impacts of AI and virtual reality, which could lead to substantial returns once these technologies mature. This perspective emphasizes a more optimistic long-term outlook for Meta, contrasting sharply with the prevailing market sentiment.

The series of financial updates ranging from Meta Platforms' latest setback to speculation around interest rate cuts, and other micro to macroeconomic developments, paint a dynamic and evolving picture of the current financial landscape.

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