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AMD Stock Downgraded by Morgan Stanley as Susquehanna Raise

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Updated 11 Jun 2024

Price targets on AMD stock (NASDAQ: AMD) have been flip flopping a little since yesterday as analysts shift their tone. One downgrade, matched by one upgrade on the day means a closer look is needed.

Morgan Stanley has shifted its stance on semiconductor giant Advanced Micro Devices , downgrading the stock from overweight to equal weight, whilst casting a shadow over expectations around the firms prospects in artificial intelligence (AI).

The firm indicate that the current market expectations for AMD's role and performance in the burgeoning AI sector might be too optimistic, but keep the price target in tact at $176. The investor note highlights Morgan Stanley's preference for Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) and Broadcom (AVGO) in the sector from a value perspective.

Analysts at Susquehanna clearly feel differently, as the firm raised their own price target on AMD stock to $200 ( up from $185). Christopher Rolland sees an improved H2 with double digit percent growth on builds year over year, as the Positive rating on the stock was maintained

The global tech industry has been witnessing rapid advancements in AI, with semiconductor companies like AMD at the forefront, designing and producing the processors that power AI applications. These range from data centres to autonomous vehicles, and the growth of the AI market has accordingly been reflected in the surging valuation of companies like AMD. However, Morgan Stanley's recent analysis suggests caution, indicating that investors may have overestimated AMD's capabilities to capture and monetize this explosive AI market growth.

The downgrade casts a light on the difficulties that lie ahead for AMD in the highly competitive field of AI. Despite AMD's significant technological breakthroughs and robust market performance in recent years, Morgan Stanley's assessment points towards a challenging path ahead for the company in maintaining its market share and staying at the cutting edge of AI-related developments.

AMD's stock market performance has enjoyed a strong rally driven by impressive product launches and strategic partnerships, carving out a substantial space for itself within the CPU and GPU markets. This success has raised expectations among investors about the company's ability to leverage its existing technologies and expertise in the burgeoning AI space. Nonetheless, the assessment by Morgan Stanley urges investors to recalibrate their expectations and consider the intense competition from other major players who are also vying for AI dominance, such as NVIDIA and Intel, among others.

While Morgan Stanley's downgrade might sway investor sentiment in the short term, the long-term outlook for AMD remains subject to the company's strategic decisions and the overall growth trajectory of the AI market. AMD's agility in innovation and product development, combined with effective management of its supply chain and customer relationships, will be critical factors that determine its future in an industry where the pace of change is relentless.


The tension between investor expectations and realistic market performance is not unique to AMD. Many tech companies face similar pressure to continuously outperform in fast-evolving sectors like AI. Analysts' ratings thus serve as valuable indicators for investors, offering insights into market sentiments and potentially looming corrections.

The AI market is promising but notoriously unpredictable, and as companies vie for a piece of the AI pie, only those with clear strategic vision and technological prowess will enjoy a significant slice. For AMD, maintaining its position requires not only meeting but managing the high bar set by expectations in the field of AI.

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