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Up 35% In 1 Month, Applied Digital Stocks (NASDAQ: APLD) Gets Big Upgrade

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Updated 24 Jun 2024

The stock price of Applied Digital has bounced notably today, as a price target upgrade comes in on the back of a recent inclusion in a hot AI infrastructure list. Applied Digital stocks (NASDAQ: APLD) saw its price target notably upgraded by Roth Mkm analysts, from $8 to $11.

The “buy” rating on APLD was held in tact by the firm, who have a clear bullish outlook on the stock. Roth MKM now hold the leading price target on the street, with price target estimates for the company ranging from a conservative $5 to this new high bar. Such a range displays a considerable variance in expectations, underscoring the market's mixed sentiments about the company's potential.


Having delivered more than 35% for shareholders over the past month alone, you could be forgiven for thinking it has all been an upward curve for Applied Digital bulls. Recent gains included, the stock is still down 10.27% on a YTD basis, highlighting some of the volatility that can be expected.

The stock rallied recently when Needham added the firm to it's list of top AI infrastructure, and put their own $11 price target in place. Two big upgrades in two weeks to the same level have clearly got sentiment swinging.

From a financial performance standpoint, Applied Digital reported a sobering quarterly loss of $0.52 per share in latest earnings, falling short of analyst expectations by $0.40. Meanwhile, the company's revenue was reported at $43.35 million. Such a miss on earnings estimates may have prompted mixed reactions from stakeholders, factoring into the company's stock price movements and analysts' projections.

Applied Digital boasts a substantial market capitalization of $835.61 million and has experienced a 52-week share price range fluctuating between $2.36 and $11.07. This volatility in the share price over the past year charts a narrative of both opportunity and uncertainty that shares of Applied Digital have presented to the market.

As a corporation, Applied Digital is strategically positioned within the technology sector. The company operates data centers across North America and provides a spectrum of digital infrastructure solutions. Its services are tailored towards the high-performance computing industry, offering resources for artificial intelligence cloud services, and hosting for crypto datacenters, which positions Applied Digital at the confluence of several high-growth tech segments.

Despite the recent shortfall compared to analyst expectations, the company's broad spectrum of services and substantial institutional investor interest, coupled with the heightened price target from Roth Mkm, underscores a potentially bright future. As with all investment prospects, however, market watchers and investors alike should exercise due diligence and carefully monitor the company's performance and market trends.

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