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Broadcom Stock (NASDAQ: AVGO) Gains 14% – All Time Highs and 10-for-1 Split

Analyst Team trader
Updated 13 Jun 2024

Broadcom stock (NASDAQ: AVGO) is soaring in the premarket, after an earnings call that has delivered on multiple fronts. With AVGO share price having already added 75.71% over the previous 12 months, an impressive 14% gain in extended hours will leave holders of the stock smiling. Now above $1700 in premarket, the company is very firmly trading at all time highs.

If it is not enough these days to be a global leader in semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions, the firm made a significant announcement that is poised to excite investors and employees alike. After a stellar 43% leap in revenue for its fiscal second quarter ending May 5, Broadcom has disclosed several strategic financial decisions that showcase the company's robust performance and confidence in its future growth.


At the core of Broadcom's successful quarter was a record-breaking revenue generated from its Artificial Intelligence (AI) products. These high-tech offerings have propelled the company to new heights, marking a noteworthy achievement in its operational history. Additionally, the integration of VMware, a major player in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, has further bolstered Broadcom's financial strength. This impressive synergy highlights Broadcom's ability to diversify its offerings and innovate within the technology space.

  • EPS $10.96 beats consensus expectation $10.84

In response to this remarkable performance, Broadcom has raised its guidance for the full-year, indicating an optimistic view of the company's future earnings and profitability. By setting a higher bar for its financial targets, Broadcom is communicating its anticipated continued growth and success to investors and market analysts.

If hitting the mark in AI is not enough, Broadcom has also declared a significant 10-for-1 stock split. This decision is aimed at enhancing the stock's affordability, thereby making it more accessible for a broader base of investors and the company's dedicated employees. By lowering the price per share, Broadcom is empowering more individuals to participate in its growth story, aligning interests across the board and potentially increasing shareholder value.

The intent behind the stock split resonates with a long-standing financial strategy, often pursued by successful companies seeking to democratize the ownership of their stock. By making it easier to purchase shares, Broadcom is not only rewarding existing investors but also attracting new ones who might have been previously priced out of investing in the company.

Broadcom's combination of record AI revenues, the successful contribution from VMware, the positive adjustment of its full-year guidance, and the strategic 10-for-1 stock split collectively reflect a company that is not just surviving but thriving in a competitive industry.

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