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Supermicro Stock (NASDAQ: SMCI) Gains 2000% In 2 Years – What Is Next?

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Updated 20 Jun 2024

Supermicro stock (NASDAQ: SMCI) has been a standout performer on the Nasdaq in the last 2 years, making an astonishing run in price up from $43 and change to it's latest close at $920. Delivering more than 20x in appreciation to medium term holders of the stock means the company has built somewhat of a following. Now the company sees a shift coming in liquid cooling demands, and is priming itself to be ready to capitalise.

In a significant expansion strategy, Supermicro, Inc, a global leader in server technology and innovation, is ramping up its focus on the burgeoning field of liquid-cooled data centres. This move comes in response to the surging demand for high-efficiency computing prompted by the boom in artificial intelligence (AI).

Looking ahead, the San Jose-based company is not just merely optimistic. Supermicro’s President and CEO, Charles Liang, anticipates demand for liquid-cooled data centres to leap from the current 15% to approximately 30% of all data centre installations within the next two years. This projection underscores the industry's accelerating trend towards more energy-efficient and high-performance computing solutions as AI technologies become an increasingly integral part of business infrastructures and services across the globe.


The company has recently disclosed a strategic expansion of its footprint within Silicon Valley, which includes adding new campuses specially equipped to foster the development of these advanced liquid-cooled facilities.

Earlier in 2023, Supermicro made a commitment to accelerate this growth by signing a new lease for approximately 124,000 square feet at a site in the heart of Silicon Valley. The designated space promises to be a hotbed of innovation for Supermicro's evolving liquid-cooled ecosystem. Crafted to deliver complete plug-and-play liquid-cooled solutions, the new facilities will encompass everything from individual systems to racks and even inclusive water towers, all with a line of sight directed towards optimizing AI processing.

A significant feature of Supermicro's servers is their specialized design tailored to support high-powered GPUs from industry giants such as Nvidia, Intel, and Advanced Micro Devices. This innate compatibility is positioned to spearhead advancements in liquid-cooled data centre capabilities that specifically accommodate sophisticated machine learning and AI computational needs.

The environmental and financial implications of liquid-cooled data centres are becoming impossible to ignore. Supermicro has emphasized that these cutting-edge facilities can catalyse a substantial uptake in AI compute power while simultaneously slashing energy use. According to their analyses, liquid-cooled data centres could facilitate operational expense reductions of up to 40% when juxtaposed against their traditional, air-cooled counterparts.

Harnessing the power of liquid cooling, Supermicro is positioning itself at the forefront of a transformative leap in data centre technologies. With these strategic expansions, they look to cement their status as a trailblazer in an ever-evolving digital landscape where efficiency, performance, and sustainability converge.

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