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Nikkei 225 Index (NI225) Gains On Day – Now +17.68% Through 2024

Analyst Team trader
Updated 25 Jun 2024

Japan's Nikkei 225 index share average ascended to a more than two-month high on Tuesday, reflecting a shift in investor sentiment towards value stocks. The Nikkei finished the trading session up 0.95% at 39,173.15, while the broader Topix index gained 1.72%, closing at 2,787.37. This rise in the market indicates a pivot in strategy by investors looking for steadier returns amid a turbulent technology sector, brought on by the pullback in Nvidia shares (NASDAQ: NVDA) yesterday.

The day's trading showed a clear move away from the previously sought-after tech sector, especially AI and chip-related shares, which were subdued during Asian trading hours. Indeed, key players like Nvidia continued their previous session's decline on Monday, with the Philadelphia SE Semiconductor index also finishing down by 3.02%. Notably, within the Nikkei, Disco Corp shares (TYO: 6146) emerged as a significant loser, falling by 5.54%.

Conversely, the softer yen proved to be advantageous for export-oriented industries, enabling companies such as Toyota Motor (TYO: 7203) to close up a notable 4.63%. This upward trend for exporters demonstrates the benefits of a weaker domestic currency, as it enhances the value of repatriated earnings from overseas markets.

A focus on value stocks was evident in the trading patterns, with substantial gains across the financial sector. Insurance firms led the rally with an impressive surge of 4.3%, followed by noticeable gains among automakers and suppliers. The shift towards value stocks indicates a more defensive investment posture as the market navigates through significant uncertainties, including currency and bond market fluctuations.

The index has since struggled to consistently hold above the 39,000 threshold as the market continues to assess external factors such summers central bank policies, particularly those of the Bank of Japan, which has a direct impact on the strength of the yen and, subsequently, on export-driven businesses.

Today's performances provide a measure of optimism for investors in the Japanese market, amid broader concerns in the global economy. The upturn in Japan's Nikkei may serve as an indication of shifting market dynamics, with value stocks regaining favour as investors seek shelter in more traditional sectors in the face of tech sector volatility.

While it remains to be seen whether this trend will hold, the current market movements are a testament to investors' adaptability in a landscape marked by rapid change.

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