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Barclays Cuts Norwegian Air Shuttle Price Target (NAS.OL) to NOK 15

Analyst Team trader
Updated 8 Jul 2024

Barclays has revised its price target on Norwegian Air Shuttle, a major player in the airline industry. The investment firm has lowered the target to NOK 15 from the previous NOK 18 yet continues to maintain an Overweight rating on the company. This adjustment reflects the analyst's view of Norwegian Air Shuttle in light of various factors influencing the aviation sector.

Having formed a positive trend from the point of October 2023 through to April 2024, the sentiment has since shifted on the stock, with a clear downward channel in place since that time.

Despite the price target cut, an Overweight rating indicates a positive outlook on the stock by Barclays. This optimism is typically based on various comprehensive analyses that take into account industry trends, competitive positioning, financial performance, and growth prospects. Analysts at Barclays have considered these and other relevant information to maintain a favourable rating on Norwegian Air Shuttle.

Company Overview & Financials

Norwegian Air Shuttle is known for its cost-effective operations and expansive route network within the airline industry. Although specific financial data points are not provided in the current context, the airline's recent business moves, such as network adjustments and strategic financial manoeuvres, could be potential factors leading to Barclays' assessment. The Overweight rating implies confidence in the airline's potential for above-average market performance, which may be of interest to investors looking for opportunities within the sector.

While the price target for Norwegian Air Shuttle has been lowered, the Overweight rating by Barclays may be indicative of the firm's continued conviction in the company's ability to outperform, despite a potentially challenging market environment for airlines.

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