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Taiwan Semi Shares (NYSE: TSM) Get Analyst Price Target Boosts

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Updated 3 Apr 2024

The world's leading semiconductor foundry, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (NYSE:TSM), has garnered a “Strong Buy” consensus rating from investment analysts tracking the stock, with all 8 positive. Amid significant performance in the tech sector, TSMC stands out with positive evaluations from eight prominent ratings firms.

A deeper dive into the analysts' opinions shows a largely bullish sentiment towards TSMC's stock with all eight holding a ‘buy' rating. The optimism is echoed in the target price set by brokerage firms, pegging it at an average of $154.15 for the coming year. This target reflects a pricing expectation shaped by the company's consistent financial delivery and market position.


Despite a red day, TSM stock was trading at $140.22 to close the day out yesterday, 38.11% in the green YTD and indicating that it is currently performing above the market average. This marks a robust phase for the company’s valuation, reinforced by its latest quarterly earnings report where TSM surpassed Wall Street's expectations, surpassing EPS by 6.75% for its' 4th straight quarterly beat. Eyes are now firmly on the next print on 18th April.

The enthusiasm surrounding TSMC’s stock can be seen as a testament to the company's strong fundamentals and investor confidence. Several finance groups have either initiated or increased their stakes in the semiconductor giant, indicating a bullish outlook among institutional investors.

With a significant market capitalization of $619.58 billion, TSMC boasts a price-to-earnings (PE) ratio of 27.77, reflecting its earnings power and industry dominance.

Over the past year, TSMC’s share price has seen a range of $81.21 to $158.40, which encapsulates the market's response to both microeconomic factors and company-specific developments. In reality, the past 6 months have been very much an upward curve, with prices jumping 64.17% over the period with a breather from March 7 close through to now quite healthy.

New TSMC Analyst Price Targets

Analysts at Barclays raised their rather low target mark of $125 up to a more healthy $145, and keeps the ‘Overweight' rating in tact. Their analyst commented on the divergence between European semis on the back of AI.

On the same day, we had another raise from Susquehanna analyst Mehdi Hosseini. The firm's TSM price target was bumped up by $20, from $160 to $180. Estimates were increased on the back of better wafer ASP's and raised its target due to EPS power moving up toward $10.

As technology continues to drive economic progress, TSMC’s strategic positioning within the semiconductor industry appears to be a focused in the right spot for analysts and investors.

Update – Taiwan Earthquake Disaster

Recent seismic activity in Taiwan, the most significant in over two decades, has rattled the global supply chain, inciting particularly acute concerns within the semiconductor sector. This is a humanitarian issue first and foremost but there will be impacts on companies operating locally.

Amidst the tremors, TSMC faced potential disruptions, despite the epicentre of the earthquake being on the opposite coast from most of the company's facilities. Taiwan's adeptness at earthquake preparedness and robust infrastructure, specifically designed to withstand seismic activity, has historically minimized damage to industries. However, the cautious approach taken by companies, including temporary halts in operations for safety inspections, can send immediate shockwaves through a supply chain that’s already under strain.

The human and structural toll in Taiwan was made visible as the earthquake resulted in four fatalities and structural collapses in Hualien County. The subsequent aftershocks have further created an aura of apprehension in Taipei, underpinning the vulnerability of one of the world’s most critical regions for tech manufacturing.

Reacting to the seismic developments, TSMC’s shares have dropped by more than 1% in premarket trading following the earthquake. In a reverberating effect, other tech titans such as Foxconn (FXCOF) and Au Optronics (AUOTY) have also seen tangible impacts.

As Taiwan recovers from this natural disaster, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of our interconnected global economy.

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