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Renault Group (EPA: RNO) Adjusts Stake in Nissan, Generates Significant Capital

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Updated 28 Mar 2024

Renault Group shares (EPA: RNO) have been on a strongly positive trend over the past month, adding 19.97% and finally breaking above what seemed like strong resistance on the technicals at €40. Now trading at €46.42 after the first down day (-0.82%) in quite a while, some news has broken of a significant share sale by the company.

In a strategic financial manoeuvre, the Renault Group has sold a substantial number of its Nissan shares back to the Japanese automaker. A total of 99,132,100 shares have been transferred for the sum of €358 million, a transaction which marked a significant reshaping of the longstanding partnership between the two automotive giants.

Renault and Nissan

This sale accounts for approximately 2.5% of Nissan's capital and is set to bolster Renault Group's Automotive net cash financial position. The process was initiated when Renault Group expressed its intent to offload a much larger batch of 280,690,000 Nissan shares. Acting on its right of first offer, Nissan stepped in to repurchase part of this offering.

In line with the terms established in the New Alliance Agreement, Renault Group retains the ability to sell the remaining 181,557,900 Nissan shares, whether back to Nissan or to third-party entities, over the next 180 days. This window of opportunity affords Renault flexibility in its financial strategy and capital management going forward.

The transaction's timing is notably aligned with Nissan's announcement on March 27, 2024, concerning its share buyback program. This program is not merely a reshuffling of ownership but also directly benefits Nissan's shareholders due to the company's decision to cancel all acquired shares. The cancellation is engineered to enhance share value and is earmarked for implementation starting April 3, 2024.

Financial repercussions of this sale will be felt in different ways on Renault Group's statements. The company is set to record a capital loss of approximately €440 million on its consolidated financial statements due to the disposal, thereby impacting the net income negatively. Conversely, Renault will realize a capital gain of around €50 million in its statutory statements.

The broader implications for the Renault-Nissan Alliance are significant. Since November 8, 2023, Renault Group's stake in Nissan has been on a downtrend, slipping from 43.40% to 38.92% post-transaction. However, it's worth noting that Renault Group is under no compulsion to sell off the additional 1.19% that would bring its holding below the 15% threshold. Meanwhile, Nissan will maintain its 15% stake in the Renault Group, a testament to the ongoing collaboration between the two entities.

The realignment of ownership stakes in the Renault-Nissan Alliance through this sale underscores a strategic shift that may have pronounced effects on both companies’ structures, strategies, and market positions. Stakeholders and market analysts will be closely monitoring the potential long-term outcomes as the Alliance navigates this financial restructuring.

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