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LON:RIO – Investor Push for Rio Tinto London Exit

Analyst Team trader
Updated 23 May 2024

Rio Tinto, a leading global mining group, is facing pressure from activist investor Palliser Capital to abandon its primary listing on the London Stock Exchange (where it is listed under ticker LON: RIO) and to consolidate its corporate structure in Australia (ASX: RIO).

This suggestion from the investment firm is driven by the belief that Rio Tinto's dual corporate structure is causing inefficiencies and undervaluation, potentially hindering the company's ability to engage in significant acquisition opportunities.

Palliser Capital points out that the London-listed company currently trades at a notable $27 billion discount compared to its Australian counterpart. This claim was prominently brought to light by James Smith, Palliser’s chief investment officer, during the Sohn Hong Kong investment conference. Smith's argument accentuates the market's undervaluation due to the complexity presented by Rio Tinto's dual-listed corporate arrangement.

Despite holding less than one percent of the mining giant's shares, Palliser Capital's stake in Rio Tinto is one of the fund's most considerable investments, valued at hundreds of millions of pounds. This establishes Palliser as a noteworthy voice among shareholders, one evidently striving for structural changes that may potentially unlock and enhance shareholder value.

Responding to the pressure, Rio Tinto acknowledges the need for periodic consideration of its organizational structure. The company's leadership has expressed that it regularly appraises various strategic options with an intent to maximize shareholder returns, emphasizing an open dialogue with stakeholders on these matters.

In the broader context of the mining industry, there has been a notable trend toward the consolidation of operations. This trend is exemplified by BHP's recent attempt to acquire Anglo American, a fellow London-listed mining company, with an offer of £38.6 billion. However, Anglo American rejected the proposal, though it left the door open for further discussions by extending the takeover deadline to the following Wednesday.

The current landscape in the mining sector, coupled with investor activism as demonstrated by Palliser, could signal a period of strategic shifts and corporate restructurings. Whether Rio Tinto will heed Palliser's call for unification in Australia remains to be seen, but the proposition casts light on the need for mining companies to continuously evaluate their corporate structures amidst a dynamic and consolidating marketplace.

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