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SuperMicro Expected To Ramp Through 2024, Shares Rebound From Lack Of Guidance Dip

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Updated 29 Apr 2024

Super Micro Computer Inc (NASDAQ:SMCI) will unveil its first-quarter results after the market closes on April 30 and there has been some whipsaw in trading in the lead up, owing largely to what was unsaid. What was all the fuss about?

SuperMicro shares fell 23% on Friday 19th, having failed to issue an upward revision in their guidance. Where the company has issued guidance up previously, the absence of an adjustment left traders reading between the lines. The stock has paid no mind to these rumblings in the intervening period, regaining most of the losses, adding 23% from the 19th, to sit just 5% down from the pre ‘failure to issue guidance' level.

Markets and analysts have clearly made their mind up on the prospects of SuperMicro, with JP Morgan this morning indicating the lowered expectations will allow the firm to take a “more conservative sequential ramp” from Q3 to Q4. They currently maintain an Overweight rating on the company, accompanied by an ambitious price target of $1,150. This level of confidence speaks volumes regarding the firm's stature in the industry and its potential to expand its influence over the technology sector.

The stock has had a remarkable 12 months, and it is no surprise that sentiment would be hard to shift to investors sitting on 736.83% gains. As you can see from the chart, the ascent has been rapid, and the improving numbers and analyst targets have done little to quell the enthusiasm.

Super Micro Computer is looking to capitalize on its remarkable revenue growth trajectory, boasting an increase of over 200% year-over-year in F3Q and maintaining a 100% growth in F4Q. This performance sets the scene for Super Micro as it continues to navigate a competitive market landscape.

A point of critical interest for those tracking the firm's fortunes is its performance in the AI server market. With key players such as Dell, HPE, and various other companies also vying for dominance, Super Micro's efforts to sustain its market share in the wake of Nvidia's next generation of GPU products will be closely scrutinized during the upcoming earnings report.

From a strategic business standpoint, key topics that are anticipated to draw attention during the conference call include the company's revenue trajectory leading into the fiscal fourth quarter, explicit growth objectives set for fiscal 2025, and prospects for operating margin leverage.

Analysts are setting their expectations high, with consensus estimates for Super Micro to report an EPS of $5.62 on formidable revenues close to $4billion. As these forecasts hold the promise of influential market moves, the financial community will be hanging onto every word of the earnings report and conference call for hints of Super Micro's strategic direction and market positioning in the coming fiscal periods.

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