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Statera Biopharma (STAB) Stock Surged 50% on Renewed Interest

Simon Mugo trader
Updated 21 Oct 2022

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Key points:

  • Statera Biopharma (STAB) stock price surged 50.1% on buying pressure.
  • STAB stock rallied higher as investor interest in the stock surged.
  • However, many wonder if the rally will translate into a sustained uptrend.

The Statera Biopharma Inc (NASDAQ: STAB) stock price surged 50.1% as investor interest in the stock spiked higher following Monday’s MoU announcement. Statera signed an MoU with Holobeam Technologies, Inc. to acquire a 25% interest in the company, which specialises in creating the next generation of holographic medical imaging and therapeutic technologies.

The technologies developed by Holobeam are used for the early detection and treatment of cancer and other diseases before they can clinically manifest themselves, making it much easier to treat them.

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Early detection is made possible by using Holobeam’s newly-patented Holographic Energy Teleportation (HET) technology. The breakthrough technology makes it possible to detect cancers years earlier when they are easy to treat as opposed to when they are clinically detectable, at which point they are pretty hard to treat.

Investors cheered the announcement on Monday, leading to a rally in Statera Biopharma’s stock price, quickly followed by a three-day pullback from Tuesday to Thursday. However, today’s rally indicates that the buyers are back and are keen to push STAB shares higher than they traded on Monday.

Whether today’s rally shall translate into a sustained uptrend that lasts for a while, unfortunately, only time can tell whether the buyers will stick it out and keep pushing higher prices, outmanoeuvring the sellers.

Michael Handley, Statera’s President & CEO, said: “Holobeam’s breakthrough technology will enable earlier detection of cancers before they run rampant throughout the body, giving Statera’s therapies a greater chance of succeeding in stopping cancer. Holobeam’s technology also has the potential to precisely deliver focused energy to the tumour cells, thus making them more susceptible to therapeutic intervention.”

According to the MoU, Statera BioPharma will acquire a 25% stake in Holobeam, giving it access to the patented HET technology, which it can use to identify cancers. Once, Statera identifies the cancers, it can then use its cancer drugs to target the cancers in concentrations that cannot be used under routine dosing procedures.

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Statera Biopharma (STAB) stock price.

Statera Biopharma stock price 21-10-2022
Source: Tradingview

The Statera Biopharma stock price rallied 50.10% to trade at $0.23, rising from Thursday’s closing price of $0.1533.

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