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SuperMicro (NASDAQ:SMCI) Up 1.9% In Premarket Trading : Analyst Target Updates

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Updated 27 Mar 2024

Super Micro Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ:SMCI) experienced a jump in its share price during premarket trading on Wednesday, adding 1.9% following an upbeat assessment from analysts after a more turbulent day Tuesday. Despite the after hours push, SMCI was down overall on the day

The stock traded up in the after hours to finish the day at a mark of $1,038.00, sill below the previous close after a lacklustre day. Throughout the trading session, SMCI industry competitors also traded down, with AMD 0.43% in the red, and NVDA 2.57% down on the day. The Nasdaq 100 also struggled in to the close, ending down 66.53 points, 0.36%.

SMCI shareholders will not be too disappointed, and are having an excellent ride through 2024, with the share price up an astonishing 259.1%. The last month has had slightly more variance in the direction, as a healthy pullback has been followed by a further push up, with the last month up 20.44%.

Super Micro Computer has been the subject of diverse opinions from research firms, receiving a spectrum of ratings ranging from “neutral” to “overweight,” and “negative” to “buy,” reflecting the varied perspectives on its market positioning and future prospects.

In a revised outlook from Northland Securities, their own SMCI price target was raised to $1300 from $925, and comes with an ‘outperform' rating, underscoring a positive view on the stock's trajectory. This bullish stance is mirrored in the commentary as Northland analyst Nehal Choksh remarked on “the branded server market share leader”.


Analyst Commentary Initiated At JP Morgan

As the momentum behind SMCI YTD gathers pace, industry giant JP Morgan also initiates coverage and goes straight in with an ‘Overweight' rating and $1150 price target.

That mark represents just over 10% from the current price. JP Morgan analyst Samik Chatterjee commented via a research note on Supermicro's leading position in the AI compute market, which is “burgeoning with demand” stemming from training AI models, retrieval-augmented generation and eventually AI inferencing workloads,

Institutional investors have demonstrated a reinforced interest in Super Micro Computer, which is evident from the considerable stakes acquired by several investment entities. This broad base of institutional support typically suggests a consensus of confidence in the firm's management and growth strategies within the professional investing community.

The company sports a market capitalization of $60.02 billion, accompanied by a price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of 80.12, highlighting its relatively rich valuation which incorporates high future earnings expectations. Furthermore, Super Micro Computer exhibits a beta of 1.27, suggesting a higher volatility level in comparison to the market at large.

This price target uplift and new commentary supports the market’s confidence in Super Micro Computer's potential to grow and succeed in the fast-evolving technology sector. With the next earnings slated for May 7th there will likely be lots to unpick before the next set of numbers roll through.

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