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Super Micro Continues To March On, SMCI Share Price Back Above $900

Analyst Team trader
Updated 21 May 2024

Super Micro Computer (NASDAQ: SMCI) has been a standout performer recently, and market experts are closely monitoring its potential for sustained growth. SMCI share price growth of 26.07% in 1 month sounds impressive enough, but considering the 6 month growth rate of 211.86%, the stock may be taking a breather in it's trajectory after a slower than expected quarter on top line revenues.

Even after a mini pullback, 26% growth in 1 month would be well received by holders of many other stocks, but the expectations surrounding SuperMicro are far from average. Having pushed back above the $900 level in yesterday's session, we take a look through some of the recent numbers.

Analysts estimate that Super Micro holds approximately 6% of the server infrastructure market and 10% of the AI server segment. Such metrics outline a firm standing within these industries. Despite recent fluctuations, with a stock price dip, the company has been likened to tech giant Nvidia, due to its robust financial health and impressive first-quarter earnings for fiscal year 2024.

Such is the high expectations surrounding Supermicro, that even a standout highlight revenue surge of more than 200% year-over-year to $3.85 billion for Q1 was actually slightly down on analysts expectations (-1.20%). That momentary disconnect with expectations was flung back to reality with an earnings per share tripling to $6.56 delivering more than 19.40% above consensus. These figures underscore the company's considerable growth potential and its ability to capitalize on the expanding market.

Operationally, to meet the growing demand and strengthen its market position against heavyweights like Foxconn and Quanta, SMCI is aggressively expanding its supply chain network. The company has incorporated significant partners such as Argosy Research and Auras Technology into its supply chain. By doing this, Supermicro ensures it has the capacity to compete effectively and satisfy the increasing demand for its high-performance computing (HPC) systems.


With the advancement of AI server technology, cooling has become an imperative aspect of maintaining server performance. Supermicro Computers has recognised this need and invested accordingly in water-cooling essentials, which are deemed crucial for the operation of the newer Blackwell AI servers. This strategic investment not only bolsters the reliability and performance of the servers but also illustrates the company's commitment to sustaining cutting-edge technology.

A key component of Supermicro's strategy is its relationship with NVIDIA. SMCI aims to maintain a close rapport with the GPU giant, ensuring a smooth and reliable supply chain, and exceeding industry standards for product quality. The collaboration between Supermicro and NVIDIA is indicative of the former's dedication to capitalising on the rapid growth of AI and its peripheral markets.

As Supermicro continues to make significant headway in the AI computing domain, it not only challenges the market dynamics but also provides compelling evidence that agile, specialised companies can succeed by focusing on emerging technological frontiers. The company's aggressive supply chain expansion, investment in essential technologies, and maintenance of strategic partnerships reveal a comprehensive approach to securing a dominant position in the high-performance AI server market.

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