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Updated 9 Oct 2023

youhodler asktraders review

YouHodler is a crypto platform with a difference. It is still possible to buy and sell coins, in this case using state-of-the-art platforms, but there are additional features which not only make sense but utilise Web3 technology to help investors improve their returns.

YouHodler brings different aspects of the fiat and crypto markets together and can be considered to offer web3 finance as well as crypto trading services. It allows holders of coins to use them as collateral to borrow fiat currencies to improve their cash flow without selling their crypto position. Alternatively, cryptos can be deposited on the platform to earn interest in payments which are made weekly.

YouHodler’s position, somewhere between the worlds of traditional and blockchain finance, means the firm has a degree of accreditation and regulatory approval some other crypto platforms lack. The founder, Ilya Volkov, is a member of the Crypto Valley Association and an Ambassador for the Swiss Innovaud authority. YouHodler SA is affiliated with the Financial Services Ombudsman FINSOM of Switzerland.

Broker Overview

YouHodler Lower trading fees

Trader Rating
Take a look
😁 We really liked…
  • Bridges the gap between fiat and crypto finance systems
  • Enables holders of crypto to improve cashflow without selling coins
  • Impressive levels of security and protection
😕 Could improve...
  • Not available in the US
  • Loans are available in five denominations: USD, CHF, EUR, GBP, and USDT. It is a good base level number of options but won't, of course, suit all clients.
Website YouHodler
Minimum deposit $100 or equivalent
You can trade Crypto


Trader Rating
Min Deposit Max Leverage
$100 1:70

youhodler loans

How did YouHodler perform in the most important criteria?

Trading Platform

Trader Rating

YouHodler provides clients access to the market-leading trading and analysis platform TradingView, which uses powerful software to scour the markets looking for trading opportunities. Despite the impressive range of trading indicators available, the platform has a user-friendly feel to accommodate beginners and more experienced traders.

The platform’s price charts have a clean aesthetic that allows traders to get an idea of the direction price trends are heading. Because charts can be set to a range of different time intervals, the platform supports traders running both short and long-term strategies.


Trader Rating

The accounts at YouHodler are set up according to what kind of service you want to use. The terms and conditions of each one are laid out in straightforward language, and they are more than adequate for what is expected of them.

The YouHodler Crypto Savings works in a similar way to a regular savings account. You deposit crypto to your wallet on the platform and receive your interest at a specific regular time. The rate of return is likely to be greater than you could get on the high street, and there are additional functionality features regarding how the savings plan is structured

The Turbocharge service uses a variety of crypto-backed loans to optimise a client’s returns even when they take out a loan. Those who set up an account using this service and deposit assets as collateral can benefit from the platform using that collateral to set up a series of other loans in the market. The process of buying more crypto using the borrowed funds means that once the loan is repaid, the client receives their crypto back – both the initial amount and any additional extra that was generated by the refinancing scheme.

The Multi HODL account/service is a tool which–can multiply a customer’s crypto assets using a small part of his YouHodler savings account or wallet balance. At the client’s discretion, a percentage of savings can be used to engage in high-risk-return trading activity while most of their funds are kept in safe, stable, and profitable savings accounts.


Trader Rating

It’s easy to sign up to YouHodler. The desktop and mobile app versions of the service have easy-to-understand functionality, and the onboarding process has been stripped down so that it takes moments to complete. On the home page, click the ‘Get Started’ button, input your email and a password and then click the ‘Sign Up’ button.

Once through to the main platform area, the three main services are neatly subdivided. That allows users to explore the potential of Multi HODL, Crypto Loans, or the Exchange service, which focuses on trading directly in the crypto markets. YouHodler is unavailable to those domiciled in the US, Canada, China, or Hong Kong.

Customer Support

Trader Rating

The YouHodler account is particularly user-friendly, but customer support levels are also sufficient to help those who have a question about one feature or another. The way that the platform blends traditional and modern finance systems is part of YouHodler’s ‘special quality’, and there are plenty of ways to get a better understanding of precisely what is involved.

The LiveChat feature allows clients to send direct messages to the platform’s virtual assistant. The service is available 24/7, and it usually takes a few minutes to get a response. Alternatively, contacting the support team via email is possible using the [email protected] address. The inevitable response is to fall back on the support materials and FAQ sections, which are of the highest quality. They helped our testers answer most of their questions during the course of this review.

youhodler customer support

Help is broken down by topic, with a clear breakdown of how elements of the platform, such as the ‘Wallet’, work and how to get the most out of them. The Glossary page was also helpful as it allows users to take a step back and ensure they clearly understand the process before committing funds to one of the services.

Payment Methods

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YouHodler’s easy-to-use approach extends to the platform, providing various ways to fund or top up your account using crypto, stablecoins, and fiat currencies.

Crypto/Stablecoins are the fastest payment services. If you don’t yet own coins, you can deposit fiat currency and convert it to crypto on the YouHodler platform. Those fiat currency deposits can be made using wire transfers or credit/debit cards, with the former being the fastest method. Also on offer is the AdvCash service, which requires an independent identity verification procedure to be fulfilled. That can take a few minutes or a few hours to complete.

Deposits made by crypto and fiat currencies require different degrees of verification. New users should expect to be requested to provide KYC (Know Your Client) documentation, which can extend to providing proof of address. Once funds reach your wallet, you’ll be notified by the platform. Options are available in the EU, UK and Switzerland regions for Visa (EUR, USD) cards only.

Additional offers

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YouHodler provides clients with a range of additional offers. Some, such as the Affiliate Program, are more permanent in nature. Others are only available for a period but do well to cover several different kinds of opportunities, meaning there is something for everyone.

youhodler promos and giveaways

The Affiliate Program, which is constantly available, provides high payouts paid monthly. These can be withdrawn as either cash or crypto, and credits are posted for each active client you invite to YouHodler.

Short-term offers typically last for about one month. These are varied in nature, with previous promotions including a Meme Token Lucky Draw, trading competitions in the DeFi sector, and ways to earn tickets to sports events. Some offers relate to the core business and provide short-term discounts to those taking down loans or ‘double profits’ for those active in the MultiHODL program.

Regulation and Deposit Insurance

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YouHodler’s position somewhere between traditional and crypto financing means the firm has invested heavily in ensuring its client protection protocols are as strong as possible. Currently, the company has offices in Switzerland and Cyprus and services various countries in Europe and around the world. It is looking to expand into new territories and recently opened an office in Italy, where it is officially registered and approved by the Organismo Agenti e Mediatori (OAM) as a cryptocurrency service provider.

Any finance firm relies on and needs to bolster its reputation. The approach taken by YouHodler in this area is to ensure its reporting and practises are transparent, honest, and, where possible, regulated.

When answering the question – is YouHodler safe? it is also worth looking at the tech security features of the platform. The corporate structuring and emphasis on developing a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness is backed up by some more substantial client protection protocols. The firm uses a selection of hot and cold wallets so that 100% of client funds are never held in hot wallets where they could be exposed to hacking.

Insurance cover of the YouHodler Ledger Vault is provided by the prestigious Arch UK Lloyds of London syndicate. The pool of funds is protected by a customised crime insurance policy, including crypto assets, which provides cover for up to $150 million of assets. It covers various risks, including employee theft caused by collusion and third-party theft of private keys/master seed in the unlikely event of a physical breach of hardware security.

Fiat funds are held at YouHodler bank accounts at reputable banks in Europe and Switzerland, and transactions are processed in partnerships with trusted fiat payment providers.

Security of funds is approached in a comprehensive way, including payments. Apple Pay is offered to users and is more secure than traditional bank card purchases. Clients do not need to enter any card information directly into the app. Instead, the app integrates Apple Pay where card information is stored safely.


Trader Rating

YouHodler provides services which help it stand out from the rest of the providers in the sector but make it hard to rank the firm in traditional awards categories. It offers a different approach. The user experience is often the best way to measure a firm’s performance, and the 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot speaks for itself.

youhodler trustpilot rating

“In our daily life, we all still need traditional financial services, but we do not want to miss out on opportunities opened by modern finance…” Ilya Volkov CEO, YouHodler.


Trader Rating

One of the ‘could improve’ aspects of this YouHodler broker review is that the fees and charges could be presented more transparently. That is partly because the platform offers crypto trading plus additional extras, which involve loans with T&Cs relating to term dates, cancellation fees, and interest payments.

There are plenty of ways to avoid transaction fees when you transfer funds into your YouHodler account. Deposits made using crypto, stablecoins, and euro-denominated transactions made using SEPA do not incur charges. Card and bank transfer deposits incur a charge, with USD SWIFT transfers charged at $25 per transaction.

Withdrawal fees are more complicated, with the likelihood of being charged on crypto withdrawals based on the coin and the blockchain network used. Blockchain fees (miner’s rewards) vary according to blockchain volumes and capacity. Fiat withdrawals, similarly, incur charges according to which payment method is used to facilitate the transaction, but withdrawals in USD or EUR made via SWIFT cost a minimum of $85.

No upfront fees are incurred when setting up a loan, and the daily borrowing charge varies according to the LTV (Loan to Value). It is advisable to be sure of what kind of loan you want to take out and to keep up to date with any changes to borrowing rates. You can expect the daily borrowing fee to range from 0.0178% to 0.0712%, depending on the LTV, which starts at 50% and rises to 97%.

Any user who takes advantage of the “Close Now” feature on a loan will pay a fee equivalent to 1% of the borrowed amount. There is a charge of 1% of the borrowed amount if you extend the loan maturity date and a 1.5% fee if the LTV (Loan to Value) or the PDL (Price Down Limit) are increased.

Our Summary

The appeal of traditional banks is that they offer the ability to buy, sell, hold, and borrow assets all in one place. YouHodler's innovative approach allows clients to enjoy the same services but incorporate crypto assets into the equation. The site's functionality is modern and easy to understand, and the mobile wallet app complements the desktop service so clients can optimise returns on their fiat, crypto, and stablecoin assets.


Does YouHodler support 3FA?

Yes. In response to concerns about client security and hacking threats, YouHodler offers clients the use of 3FA. It is not a default option but can be set up by contacting the support team. Accounts need to have a minimum balance of $100 or the equivalent to qualify but then gain from an additional layer of security associated with firms that offer best practices in the finance industry.

Does YouHodler offer a loyalty programme?

Yes, and the YouHodler loyalty programme perfectly complements the other products and services available. Users can get rewards in real money simply by completing tasks on the platform. The YouHodler Cloud Miner programme allows you to receive BTC as your account profile develops, and the Crypto Yield account offers YouHodler interest rates of up to 15% on crypto assets.

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