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Updated 22 Jul 2021


Trader Rating
  • No minimum deposit size
  • Clear and easy-to-use website
  • Tax-smart technology
  • A tremendous amount of education available
  • Great promotions
  • Not enough payment methods
  • Traditional investing options, but not much else
  • Lack of control
$1 Min Deposit
Mid Trading Fees
1:1 Max Leverage


Trader Rating
  • It offers a vast range of products
  • All customers can access Active Trader Pro
  • It offers strong customer support
  • Those who are not U.S. citizens or residents cannot open accounts
  • You may need to rely on multiple platforms
$1 Min Deposit
Mid Trading Fees
1:1 Max Leverage


Trader Rating
  • Tiny management fees at 0.25%
  • Free management for accounts under $5,000
  • Free financial planning toolkit - Exceptional goal setting dashboard
  • Tax loss harvesting, stock level tax loss harvesting, and SmartBeta optimization
  • Best robo-advisor for tax minimization
  • No fractional shares
  • Portfolios under $100,000 are not customizable beyond questionnaire
$500 Min Deposit
Low Trading Fees
1:1 Max Leverage


Trader Rating
  • Access to human advisors
  • Solid customer service/support
  • Array of payment methods
  • Socially conscious investing
  • Free commissions on trades
  • Limited trading options
  • Lack of tools/research
  • Management Fees are high
$1 Min Deposit
Low Trading Fees
1:1 Max Leverage


Trader Rating
  • Perfect for investors with large account balances
  • Huge mutual fund selection and low-cost ETFs
  • Leader in low cost funds
  • Not friendly for beginners or for active traders
  • High trading commission
  • Limited data and research facilities available
High Trading Fees

Wondering who convinces as the best ETF broker? Personal experiences are always subjective, but some points can be assessed quite objectively. When looking for a suitable provider of exchange-traded funds, it is, therefore, advisable to pay attention to various criteria and to use an ETF broker comparison. After all, other aspects are more important for ETF interested parties than, for example, forex traders. Use comparisons to get an overview of prices and services in different areas.

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How to find a suitable provider – the most important criteria for an ETF Broker Test

ETF trading offer: savings plans and more

Like with equities, it is possible to diversify broadly and thus minimize the risk, so it is quite interesting how many ETFs are available with a broker. For many investors, savings rates and savings plans with ETFs are particularly interesting, in order to create a portfolio in which they can profit from the highest possible returns in the event of positive development. There are now more than 1,000 ETFs available for trading, but not all of them are suitable for savings schemes. Instead, they are traded directly. Therefore, an ETF broker distinguishes between the selection of savings compatible ETFs and those available for pure trading. With this information, you can already tell if the platform is really interesting for you.

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Investors often ask themselves how it is be possible to generate good returns without high capital investment. Savings plans with ETFs are suitable for this and can usually be concluded even with a relatively low capital investment. Over fixed saving rates, the deposit of ETFs builds up slowly and thus yield increasing returns. However, since not all ETFs offer the same opportunities for good returns, it is, of course, advantageous if the broker provides the widest possible selection of appropriate ETFs for savings plans.

  • Direct Trade or Savings Plan
  • Wide range of ETFs an advantage
  • Check selection of ETFs suitable for savings plans

ETF trading costs – savings rates and fees reviewed

In a broker comparison, it’s worth taking a closer look at the terms and conditions of ETF providers. Depending on the investment requirements, the main focus here is on the minimum savings rates and the various intervals. The minimum savings rate is the lowest amount that can be used to run a savings plan. If you conduct an ETF broker comparison, you will notice significant differences between the individual providers. Equally important, however, is the interval for ETF investments: can savings be made on a monthly or a quarterly and biannually basis?

Comparing order fees for ETF trading accurately

Basically, ETFs are considered a  cheap investment opportunity, and that should of course also show in the order fees. In a comparison, it should be checked how high the fees are for an order and for each savings rate. Depending on the provider, there are fixed prices or order fees calculated as a percentage. Occasionally these two options are combined. Comparing the individual fees of the brokers will help you assess which costs are favorable and whether a broker is already in the upper price range.

  • Order fees are particularly important in an ETF Broker Comparison
  • Don‘t forget to compare the fees for saving rates
  • Minimum rates and intervals are also relevant for the savings plan

Accounts and portfolios in an ETF provider comparison

For the sake of your own capital accumulation, it’s important to check the accounts and portfolios offered by a broker. Some banks have already included ETF savings plans in their program. They offer the account holder the opportunity to open a deposit and create one or more savings plans. Brokers specializing in ETF saving and trading in ETFs may differ somewhat in their approach and work with different account models for investors to choose from. The basis for the deposits and the account models is usually the amount of saving rates or deposits of the investor.

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Find out about the account options

Therefore, before opening an account or account with an ETF provider, it makes sense to inform yourself and check which account options are available. Are there different portfolios? How are they different? Can I save on fees at higher savings rates? In some cases, the providers also use comparison tables to explain the different models. Often the services vary, but not every deposit is suitable for every investor. In a direct comparison of providers you can see at a glance which conditions best meet your requirements.

  • Occasionally different accounts and portfolios
  • Services and conditions may vary depending on the model
  • Options for saving are not part of every portfolio type

The trading platform for investments

When trading ETFs, it makes sense to deal with the trading platform in advance. Normally with an ETF broker this is quite simple. With just a few clicks you can buy and sell ETFs as well as create or dissolve savings plans. However, it is also interesting if the platform has other advantages:

  • Information about each ETF
  • Development of ETF prices
  • Presentation of the development of own savings rates
  • Presentation of the development of own purchases and sales

Basically, it is relatively easy to buy ETFs or to open savings plans. But experience has shown that strategies should be used here, too. If you already have gained some ETF experience previously, you know that, unlike financial instruments such as Forex, it is not absolutely necessary to study trading strategies or the like in detail – especially if the trading platform is well-positioned and well-structured. Among other things, the presentation of the developments of ETFs makes it easy to assess which ETFs might make sense for one’s own investment. A clear and well-equipped trading platform is therefore relatively easy to recognize.

  • Trading platform should be well structured
  • Statistics and other information are helpful
  • In comparison, it is relatively easy to see if a platform is suitable

The website as key factor in the ETF Broker Test

For a broker to convince as best ETF provider, the first impression must be just right. This is gained by the website. If you as a trader want to find out about a broker, take a look at the online presence. Appealing looks are a plus, of course. Far more important, however, are other factors. Among other things, you should find the following information easily:

  • Which ETFs can be traded?
  • Are there any ETFs for savings plans, and if so, how many?
  • What are the fees for trading?
  • Which contact options are there for the support?
  • What about regulation and deposit insurance?

At best, all content should be available in English, but this is generally the case with ETF providers. Therefore, in comparison, the focus is primarily on the information content: all important, including legal, topics should be displayed transparently. Besides, the  subdivision of the website into individual categories should make it easier for you to quickly find the most important information.

  • The website is available in English
  • The menu should make sense, so that you can find the required information quickly
  • Check the factual content of the website – are the key facts and data available?

Customer support: Which broker convinces as best ETF provider?

ETFs are a very popular form of investment with newcomers. They are considered far less risky than traditional funds, are easy to understand and, at best, deliver a solid return. Nevertheless, it is possible that you as a trader have questions, and therefore it is advisable to pay attention to the support in a comparison. This should not only be easily accessible, but also friendly and as competent as possible.

Best ETF Broker – this award is only given to a provider if the customer service is convincing. Among other things the contact options matter. Telephone support is especially handy. So far, live chat is less common among ETF brokers, but is sometimes offered as well. Support via contact form or e-mail is an option that can almost always be used. Take a look at the service times, as some suppliers are only available on workdays until 6 p.m., while others have a contact person available even during weekends.

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  • Which contact options are there?
  • Competence of the employees – the support should be able to help you.
  • Support should be accessible during the most important times.

Payment methods – how to make deposits and withdrawals

Regarding the deposit the first relevant thing is whether you want to buy ETFs directly or create a savings plan. When buying directly, money must be transferred to the account with the broker. This usually works in different ways:

  • SOFORT transfer
  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal, Skrill, Neteller

Here you can choose your favorite method; usually, the processing time and possible fees are decisive. The latter is generally not incurred by the broker. With a traditional bank transfer, however, it often takes a few days for the money to arrive and start trading. Credit cards, as well as instant transfers or payments using online services like Skrill, are a very popular alternative. Accordingly, the evaluation may include which methods are offered for deposit and withdrawal.

If you want to create one or more savings plans with ETFs, you do not have to pay in directly. The rate is debited at the desired interval to a reference account. Thus it is necessary to deposit the account data; after verification, the debit starts as soon as the savings plan has been commissioned. A payout upon dissolving the savings plans is then only possible on the reference account.

  • Usually there are various methods for deposits and withdrawals
  • For savings plans, the amount is deducted from the reference account
  • Check out possible fees

Additional offers with an ETF broker: Benefit from the advantages

Additional offers provided by brokers can be very helpful for traders. In order to become the best ETF broker, more and more providers are considering how to offer their customers ever more benefits. A rather popular choice with ETF brokers is providing opportunities for education and training. These usually offer encyclopedias, explain strategies or offer simple introductions to the field of ETFs.

Using an ETF broker‘s model portfolio

If you want to find out how to benefit from an ETF savings plan, or how your portfolio will develop within the desired range of ETFs, you may be able to get some additional services from some providers: the model portfolio. This is especially popular with users to gain ETF experience. Even if you already have some ETF experience and knowledge of ETF performance, a model portfolio is a very popular offer. Here you can test different strategies and their development. Often the development projected is based on past performance. This is enough for many traders to get a first impression.

  • Often useful additional offers with brokers
  • Are there resources for beginners and interested advanced students?
  • Model portfolio for ETFs is an advantage

The security issue – relevant for ETF trading

Whether you’ve got a reputable ETF Broker one couldn’t confirm one hundred percent despite the best provider comparison. Having a look at the regulation helps. The supervision is the responsibility of tax authorities in the respective country. In Britain, for example, the Financial Conduct Authority FCA is responsible. These authorities monitor the activities of financial service providers on regularly and intervene if necessary. Although ETF fraud cannot be ruled out completely, it is highly unlikely, as the price development of Exchange Traded Funds can be viewed at any time. Security also includes how the broker safeguards client money and whether he follows certain guidelines.

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Privacy as an important criterion

A big issue online is data theft by means of insufficiently secured connections. Data protection and encryption should therefore also be discussed in a comparison when it comes to who is the best ETF provider for you. Although a broker test or review is also not a guarantee, you will often find useful information on the subject – including the fact that you can protect yourself, for example, by choosing a secure password.

  • Does the broker value privacy and data encryption?
  • Who is responsible for regulation?
  • Client assets and business assets should be kept separate.

Reviews in the trade press and awards of the ETF Broker

There are some criteria in a broker comparison that are not necessarily crucial. But they can certainly provide information on whether a broker has a good reputation and is considered reputable. These include, for example, checking out the reviews of the trade press. There are always articles referring to various ETF providers that take a look behind the scenes. Here advantages and disadvantages are addressed equally. Whenever media review a broker, you will often find links to the reports on the broker’s website.

Possible awards for ETF brokers

Best ETF Broker is of course an award truly special for a provider. Often trade press or portals give awards related to specific areas. For example, you can often find awards such as “Broker With Best Support” or “Broker With Very Good ETF Selection”. Thus a broker may also have multiple awards if he has excelled in different areas. Less informative, however, are personal opinions, such as those found in forums. Nevertheless, the exchange of experience can be helpful.

  • Study news in the trade press
  • Some brokers have already been awarded for certain achievements
  • In forums and on similar platforms, opinions are mostly subjective

Market overview and outlook

ETFs track the index of different companies and have developed significantly as an investment in recent years. While there was uncertainty among investors at the beginning, today ETFs are convincing with a very good balance of risk and performance. The fees are very low compared to other funds and thus the bottom line returns are often higher. The market is currently well served: more than 1,000 ETFs can be traded in Germany alone, some of them are also suitable for savings plans. Accordingly, traders have a large selection. But whoever is trading directly with ETFs should, as with any other financial instrument, obtain in-depth information.

Future prospects of ETFs

ETFs are considered a very good investment and are also recommended for long-term strategies. It is currently not expected that Exchange Traded Funds will disappear from the market again. In fact, an increase in the selection is expected, as ever new ETFs appear on the market. The development of Exchange Traded Funds may vary, and of course, fluctuations are possible here as well. However, if more experienced traders watch the market and keep an eye on prices, they should not have too much difficulty responding quickly. ETFs can be liquidated within a short time, which makes them even more interesting as an investment.

Comparing ETF providers and finding the best ETF broker for your requirements

In our ETF Broker Test, we have scrutinized different providers so you can compare the brokers based on the reviews in the categories presented here. Trade, cost and fee information, additional offers and regulatory information give you a comprehensive picture without even having to register. Especially with long-term investments, as is the case with ETFs, it is advisable to inform yourself extensively and in advance. If you have not yet decided on a financial instrument and, for example, are considering investing in securities, we recommend that you also stop by and consult our share deposit account comparison. On AskTraders you have the opportunity to find your bearings in various ways and get a very good overview of the market. Of course we know that if a provider could convince us as the best ETF broker, it does not have to mean that he meets your requirements – so use our comparison and find the provider that suits you best!

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