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AnPac Bio Shares Surge 139% on Progress in Detecting Pre-Cancer Diseases

Simon Mugo trader
Updated 14 Dec 2020

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Shares of AnPac Bio-Medical Science Co Ltd – ADR (NASDAQ: ANPC) today surged 139% premarket after the company announced that it has made significant progress in detecting pre-cancer diseases.

The biotechnology company achieved this important milestone using novel sensor design, sensor fabrication, detection process, signal collection, signal processing and proprietary algorithms.

AnPac bio has validated its processes using both multi-year retrospective and prospective studies with large samples from large populations.

The Company recently completed a prospective screening of a large population of over 110,000 persons (and over 150,000 samples) having tested some individuals multiple times over the years) using its Cancer Differentiation Analysis (CDA) technology.

The follow-up study involved the assessment of over 13,000 persons with high cancer risk, medium cancer risk and low cancer risk using AnPac Bio’s CDA technology.

Initial results indicated that AnPac Bio’s CDA technology is capable of providing meaningful information while also screening out pre-cancer diseases, with over 20 types of pre-cancer diseases diagnosed following initial screening using CDA technology.

The diseases were subsequently confirmed by the hospital or physical testing, and via health check-ups.

AnPac Bio share price

Tradingview chart of AnPac Bio share price 14122020

AnPac Bio shares today surged 139% to trade at $10.10 having rallied from Friday’s closing price of $4.22.

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