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Apple to Harness AI for Services Growth

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Updated 4 Jul 2024

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) has made a strategic move to elevate user experience and growth in its Services segment by announcing the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) across its operating systems. This integration notably includes granting third-party developers expansive access to Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant.

Bank of America (BofA) analysts have weighed in on this development, projecting significant innovative contributions from developers that could bolster growth in Apple's Services division. In their view, the introduction of AI will not only enhance current offerings but also lead to the launch of new services and features.

Industry observers are particularly interested in the financial implications of this AI integration. With BofA analysts forecasting a 14% increase in Services revenue year-over-year for fiscal 2024, the initiative is expected to contribute to greater profitability for Apple. The Services segment, which already boasts high margins relative to Apple's hardware business, could see a further margin expansion as a result.

Looking ahead to the medium term, BofA analysts are optimistic about Apple's prospects in the Services sphere. They predict sustainable low double-digit growth from fiscal 2024 through fiscal 2026. A key driver for this expansion is anticipated to be the Licensing and Subscription Services. Among the contributors, Safari payments stand out as a notable source of revenue.

Nonetheless, there are looming legal concerns that could impact this favorable outlook. The ongoing litigation regarding the payments Google makes to Apple for being the default search engine in Safari presents a risk. This litigation could ultimately affect one of the revenue streams within the Service segment.


In affirmation of the potential they see in Apple's stock, BofA has reiterated a Buy rating with a target price of $230. Analysts underscore the significance of conversational AI, which, when incorporated with user context and robust privacy measures, can lead to monetization opportunities. They assert that effective AI could elevate productivity, pave the way for higher-priced applications, and expedite more subscriptions and payments from partners.

Apple's decision to widen the use of AI across its Services segment signals its commitment to remain at the forefront of technological innovation. This move is part of a larger trend of integrating AI capabilities within its ecosystem, asserting AI's role as a catalyst for growth and customer engagement in the future. With BofA's endorsement and the anticipated financial impact, Apple's Services segment appears poised for strategic expansion, riding on the back of advanced AI tools and privacy-focused user experiences.

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