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Argentina Targets Top 10 in Global Copper Production As Demand Accelerates

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Updated 23 May 2024

Argentina is eyeing a position among the world's largest copper producers, focusing on exploiting the potential of its Andean region in the north. With the ambition to break into the top 10 global rankings, the country is inviting foreign investment into its significant but undeveloped copper resources. However, numerous economic hurdles stand in front of realizing these ambitious plans.

Major mining corporations including Glencore, Lundin Mining, and First Quantum Minerals have expressed their interest in Argentina's copper projects, recognizing the vast untapped potential. Yet, the path to development is obstructed by domestic economic challenges. Argentina's economy is currently hampered by stringent capital controls, soaring inflation rates, and heavy taxation, all of which pose significant impediments to foreign investment and project development.


Two of the most promising ventures in the nation are Lundin's Josemaria project located in San Juan and Glencore's substantial $4.5 billion El Pachon project. These initiatives are among the most developed in Argentina's copper sector and have the potential to catalyze the country's rise in the global copper industry.

The new libertarian President of Argentina, Javier Milei, has initiated efforts to boost investments. His administration is on a mission to dismantle the existing capital controls and is in the process of introducing reform legislation that includes tax incentives and improved foreign currency facilities for substantial investments. This approach is pivotal in unlocking the potential of Argentina's copper industry and attracting the necessary capital for growth.

Moreover, the local governments of copper-abundant provinces such as San Juan, Salta, Catamarca, and Mendoza are collaborating to promote and expedite these copper initiatives. By 2030, their collective goal is to bring in upwards of $3 billion through these enterprises. Establishing a more business-friendly environment, including potential fiscal reforms, is considered critical to entice the continued inflow of investment to develop these copper resources efficiently.

Argentina stands on the brink of a potential copper revolution, with vast reserves ready for exploration and exploitation. Yet, the journey to becoming a global copper powerhouse involves navigating an array of economic challenges that currently deter investment and project implementation.

The new president's economic policies and the concerted efforts of local governments could be the keys to unlocking the full potential of Argentina's copper wealth. With the right economic adjustments, Argentina's copper sector has the potential to thrive, providing a significant boost to the national economy and propelling the country into the ranks of the top copper producers worldwide.

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