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ARKK Down 10% Over 5 Days – What Are The Top Holdings Pulling It Down?

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Updated 18 Apr 2024

As the financial markets navigate through an uncertain landscape for now, investors in the ARK Innovation ETF (NYSEARCA: ARKK), spearheaded by the influential CEO Cathie Wood, might be wondering whether the dip offers a buying opportunity or a cautionary tale in high-growth investing.

The ARKK fund yesterday continued its recent decline, down 0.63 points or 1.44% to make the 5 day return an even negative 10%. Despite the very red YTD from ARKK, longer term investors in the fund have been accustomed to swings and volatility with sentiment shifting heavily alongside risk appetite.

Grounded in a philosophy that champions disruptive innovation, ARKK has garnered a faithful following not only for the fund's forward-looking investment thesis but significantly due to Wood's bold market prognostications and strong personality. The fund's recent performance has been closely scrutinised, especially as some of its key components—the blockchain-friendly trio of Coinbase Global (NASDAQ: COIN), Square (now Block, Inc.) (NYSE: SQ), and Robinhood Markets (NASDAQ: HOOD)—have endured significant market volatility.

Electric vehicle giant Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) which represents 9.8% of ARKK's weighting, secures the top spot in the fund's list of innovative enterprises. Coinbase also stands out as a substantial commitment for ARKK, accounting for 8.8% of the ETF's portfolio, and signalling a high-conviction bet on the cryptocurrency market's infrastructure.

A scan through the ETF's top 10 holdings reveals an array of momentum stocks—those expected to continue their upward trajectory based on recent performance trends. However, this lineup underscores a lack of value stocks, which traditionally trade below what analysts believe the company is worth, indicating that the ARKK ETF may not be the preferred choice for investors with a staunch focus on value investment strategy.

The current top 10 holdings (in order of weight) are represented by TSLA, COIN, ROKU, SQ, PATH, CRSP, RBLX, ZM, HOOD, and U. These 10 account for 60.91% of the ARKK holdings, with the remaining 27 companies making up less than 40%. This heavy concentration among the biggest names highlights some of the reasons for volatility in ARKK, against the backdrop of the wider indices. Tesla as is know, has had a rather terrible start to the year, down 37.42%, and being the largest holding in ARKK, investors in the fund will want to see a significant shift in momentum.

ARKK's thematic approach leans heavily on a ‘risk-on' sentiment, drawing its lifeblood from market conditions that favour high risk and high reward propositions. Consequently, it often performs well when investors display appetite for risk but can equally face steep declines when the market shifts to a risk-averse stance. The fund is also very US centric, with 94.89% linked to North America, and the remaining 5.11% in Western European names.


Investors also continue to monitor macroeconomic indicators, with recent U.S. inflation data for March influencing market expectations and quelling anticipations of a coordinated rate cut by the U.S. Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, and the Bank of England come June. This macroeconomic backdrop has a bearing on ARKK, as it potentially affects the investment climate for growth stocks.

The ARKK ETF, reflective of its risk-on constitution, may present a roller coaster ride of performance. Contracting economic policies in response to inflation and other fiscal pressures could lead to further market revaluations of growth-centric portfolios.

The prospects of the ETF rest on the trajectories of its key holdings and the broader economic factors at play. Investors considering a position in ARKK are advised to account for the intrinsic volatility which reminds us that trading on margin in the foreign exchange and related markets carries high risks and is not suitable for all investors.

In these uncertain times, the essence of investment wisdom might reside in balancing one's portfolio with both the possibility of innovation-driven growth and the security of value-driven stability.

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