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Blink Charging Shares Continue To Climb…

Sam Boughedda trader
Updated 1 Apr 2021

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Blink Charging (NASDAQ” BLNK) Shares are rallying again on Thursday after the company said that the Pedro Aguirre Cerdas municipality carried out the first installation of Blink HQ 100 chargers by Electro Chile.

The charging stations are located in the Consistorial Bicentenario building of Pedro Aguirre Cerda's Municipality in Santiago, Chile, to power the new fleet of Nissan Leaf vehicles acquired by the municipality, with the support of the Metropolitan Regional Government.

The municipality also recently acquired six all-terrain ZERO electric motorcycles, which can be charged with the Blink HQ 100 chargers.

Chile has an ambitious goal to fully electrify its public transit fleets by 2040 and become carbon neutral by 2050.

Electro Chile is working with Blink to support electrification across Latin America and the Caribbean.

Blink Shares are trading 4.38% higher at $42.90 following Wednesday’s 11% rally to $41.10 per share.

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