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Feedback Plc Shares Climb After NHS Contract Award

Sam Boughedda trader
Updated 24 Mar 2021

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Shares of medical imaging technology firm Feedback plc (LON: FDBK) are climbing on Wednesday after the company announced it had been awarded a one year contract with the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust.

Feedback’s share price is currently trading at 1.3p, up 4% from Tuesday’s close after initially climbing to 1.50p per share.

The contract is worth £84,000 and is for Bleepa, Feedback’s flagship clinical communications platform.

The company said the Trust is keen to evaluate Bleepa as part of its broader communication strategy and is a frontrunner in recognising the need to transition away from unregulated platforms such as WhatsApp for clinical communication.

Feedback will work with the Trust to enhance the Virtual Multi-Disciplinary Meetings module and evaluate the product's referral module, linking it to the existing workflow for clinical, intra-Trust referral pathways embedded in the Trust's Electronic Patient Record.

The Trust will also have access to the Photocapture feature, which Feedback feels will enable Bleepa to be used for a broader range of services outside of this contract, such as dermatology services, community nursing and diabetic wound management, allowing Bleepa to reach a wider clinical audience.

Should you invest in Feedback plc shares?

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