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GM Shares Driving Higher On The Day, 2.5% Gain & New Piper Sandler Analyst Pickup

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Updated 15 Mar 2024

General Motors (NYSE:GM), the automotive powerhouse, has been the subject of intense scrutiny and analysis from market watchers and is ending the week on a high, up by 2.5% leading in to the final 2 hours of trading on the day.

With eight distinct brands under its umbrella and four major segments that include GM North America, GM International, Cruise, and GM Financial, the company presents a multifaceted picture of the automotive and mobility industries.


Recently, GM reclaimed its crown as the U.S. auto manufacturer market share leader, commanding a significant 16.9% of the market last year (ahead of Toyota, and Ford). This indicates solid consumer trust and brand strength in a competitive landscape that has been in flux with technological disruptions and changing consumer preferences.

In a push to pioneer the future of driving, GM's Cruise division—a unit dedicated to autonomous vehicle innovation—had previously initiated driverless, geofenced AV robotaxi services. However, an incident in late 2023 temporarily brought this venture to a halt. Despite this setback, GM confirms that Cruise aims to relaunch in at least one city by 2024, signalling the company's commitment to staying at the cutting edge of the autonomous vehicle space.

Financial analysts, keeping a close eye on the automaker's stock, have set an average 12-month price target at $49.79, showcasing a broad spectrum of expectations ranging from a high estimate of a staggering $95.00 versus a low of just $28.00. While the company's revenue trajectory has recently shown a slight downward trend over the last three months, analysts seem to have baked this factor into their forecasts.

A New Analyst Forecast For GM Stock

GM is a recent addition on the list of stocks covered by Piper Sandler, with the firm making the first call yesterday of a ‘Neutral' rating, and a healthy price target of $44. Whilst this mark is close to consensus, the commentary surrounding the rating piqued more interest. They like GM as “a U.S. pure-play that sells gasoline trucks and SUVs”, with “downside protection” from current cash flow.

A key metric indicating General Motors' effective cost management and profitability is its net margin, which at 4.83%, stands well above industry averages—a testament to the company's efficient operational execution.

However, GM's financial structure is not without its concerns. A debt-to-equity ratio of 1.91 points to a substantial debt level that exceeds industry norms. While this leverage could be a reflection of aggressive investment in research and development or expansion, it does raise questions about the company's balance sheet resilience, particularly in an economic downturn. Other key data points on the automaker stock are the PE ratio of 5.5, and EPS of 7.32.

Overall, the picture that emerges for General Motors is one of resilience and strategic focus, marred slightly by recent operational challenges and financial leverage. .

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