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Here’s Why HAYD Share Price Surged 35% Higher Today

Updated 19 Aug 2020
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Shares of Haydale Graphene Industries PLC (LON: HAYD) today surged 35% higher in a delayed response to the company’s improved Dry Plasma HDPlas process.


The company released a report last week revealed that it had improved its Dry Plasma process to generate 28% functionalism as compared to the previous 21% functionalism.

The market has taken a while to react to the positive developments that have seen the company rise to the top of the Graphene industry in the UK and claim a strong position globally through strategic partnerships.

Investors may also have been reacting to the positive research report published yesterday indicating Haydale’s strong positioning in the rapidly growing industry.

The stock is likely to keep rallying after a slight pullback given that the recent move formed a parabolic rally, which is usually followed by a decline.

HAYD share price

Tradingview chart of HAYD share price 19082020

HAYD stock rallied 35% to a high of 9.10p having closed yesterday’s session trading at 6.74p.