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Lloyds Bank Shares (LON:LLOY) Continue To Climb, Up 1.82% To 52Wk Highs, But Why?

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Updated 22 Mar 2024

Lloyds bank share price is trading up 1.82% through the day, on relatively little news. Now having pushed the way to make a new 52 week high at £52.67 we want to look a little closer at what is driving the move in Lloyds Banking Group (LON:LLOY)?

In the last month alone, Lloyds shares have risen by more than 14%, making up for what had been a rather lacklustre 2023. This noteworthy climb has not only captivated the attention of investors but has also sparked intrigue relating to the future.


At a current market capitalization of £33.4 billion, Lloyds has planted its feet firmly as a heavyweight in the UK banking sector. This solid footing is underscored by the bank’s reported after-tax profits of a robust £5.5 billion for the previous year. A figure that reflects the institution’s substantial customer base and market influence within the United Kingdom. The next earnings report is set in place for July 25th.

Despite these formidable financial indicators, Lloyds continues to navigate through an environment tinged with uncertainty. A not-so-rosy economic outlook for the UK, along with potential risks associated with loan defaults, add layers of caution to the bank’s progress. Additionally, Lloyds’ strong domestic focus may also pose limitations in the face of global economic fluctuations, further complicating the financial landscape.

Worries relating to the ownership of Black Horse had left Lloyds shareholders a little vulnerable through the early part of 2024, with concerns relating to the amount of money that would need to be set aside to potentially clear the probe carried out by the FCA. In the end, $450million was the amount being ringfenced, which was not quite as bad as may have been feared.

With BoE holding rates in yesterdays' session, and the Fed doing the same on Wednesday, markets have reacted positively to having various future forecasts confirmed, with the intent to cut rates in 2024 confirmed. Industry peers Barclays, Natwest, and HSBC are trading green today, as the FTSE100 sets its' own 52wk high. Whilst the move cannot all be attributed directly to Lloyds, it is still the leader of its' peers over the last month.

A fresh wave of optimism among city investors towards the banking sector has undoubtedly played a role in the elevation of Lloyds’ share price. This renewed positivity stems from the annual results that showed an industry veering towards growth and profitability. It cannot be overlooked that Lloyds itself trumpeted a 41% incremental rise in statutory profit after tax over the last year.

Taking pride in its commanding brands, expansive customer base, and a tried-and-tested business model, Lloyds’ standing looks appealing from certain vantage points. This potency is evidenced by its substantial profit generation.

Lloyds’ surge in share price could symbolize the dawn of a new optimistic phase for the bank, however the mixed signals from different economic indicators suggest that caution might still be warranted.

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