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Relief Therapeutics Share Price Up 2,100%, COVID Drug Ready in “Few Months”

Updated 29 Sep 2020
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Shares of Relief Therapeutics’ (SIX: RLF) closed the week 1,341% higher after its RLF-100 COVID-19 treatment showed an early potential in the second testing phase.


The chairman of the firm, Raghuram Selvaraju, believes that there is a “60%-70%” chance to get approval for the drug. 

“From an efficacy standpoint we need more data. I would say the probability at the moment stands at 60 to 70% that we will get the drug approved,” Selvaraju told Swiss newspaper The Market.

“The active pharmaceutical ingredient of aviptadil has been used for a lot of years in different indications. From a safety standpoint we are quite optimistic,” he added.

Relief holds a patent for Europe and the United States. It partnered with NeuroRx to run multicentre clinical trials. RLF-100 is targeting patients who are severely ill with COVID-19 infections, helping them to survive.

“I do not anticipate that we would need ten to 12 months for approval,” he concluded.

Relief Therapeutics’ share price gained on COVID-19 treatment August 2020

Relief Therapeutics’ share price closed 1,341% higher after trading over 2,100% in the green on Thursday.