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Robinhood (NASDAQ:HOOD) Shares Continue To Climb In Premarket, Analyst Upgrades

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Updated 21 May 2024

Robinhood Markets stock (NASDAQ: HOOD) continues to be on an upward path, with 3.73% gains yesterday being added to through the premarket session. The 2.4% gains in this morning's premarket take the share price back above $21, and extend the 12 month highs. Now up 137.90% in the last 12 months, a dual rating upgrade from a Bank of America (BofA) analyst, could ignite a further wave of optimism among shareholders and market spectators.

Bank of America analysts, with Craig Siegenthaler at the helm, shifted their stance on Robinhood from an ‘Underperform' to a ‘Buy' rating, signaling a stark change in their outlook on the company's financial health and market position. Siegenthaler specifically highlighted an expected uptick in retail engagement and an accelerating organic growth, set to mature earnings between 2025 and 2026, as reasons for the newly minted optimist perspective.

In a vote of confidence for Robinhood’s future, Siegenthaler raised the target stock price from $14 to $24, emphasising the company’s significant operational leverage and robust free cash flow as contributing factors to the revised target. Indeed, the company's financials appeared fresh and invigorated through the lens of Bank of America’s updated assessment.

Other market analysts have the same sentiments on Robinhood and seem to have raised the firms targets as follows:

  • Piper Sandler have raised the firm's price target on Robinhood to $18 from $17 and keeps a Neutral rating on the shares.
  • JMP Securities have raised the firm's price target on Robinhood to $30 from $28 and keeps an Outperform rating on the shares.
  • Barclays have raised the firm's price target on Robinhood to $18 from $16 and keeps an Underweight rating on the shares.


Although it has encountered several hurdles since its initial public offering three years ago, Robinhood has exceeded expectations by turning a profit ahead of schedule. The trading platform's stride toward profitability has been attributed to strategic expense management. This achievement has played a crucial role in vindicating its market valuation, notwithstanding the early bumps on its road as a publicly-traded entity.

Robinhood’s stock wrapped up the trading day standing at $20.09, a lively ascent of 12.23% post-upgrade. The stock had already been enjoying a bullish run, with a 23.78% increase in value over the preceding week. The confidence this upgrade instilled in investors was also reflected in trading volume, with Robinhood seeing about 53.20 million shares traded—significantly higher than its average daily volume of 16.45 million shares.

The sudden surge in Robinhood's share price is a testament to the impact of positive analyst coverage and changing market sentiments. With an improved outlook and assertive measures to maintain profitability, Robinhood appears to be carving a path to success, inviting both past skeptics and new investors to re-evaluate the company's standing in the financial services arena.

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