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SoFi Shares(NASDAQ: SOFI) Dip Again – Citi Price Target Almost 50% From Here

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Updated 11 Apr 2024

SoFi Technologies' (NASDAQ: SOFI) shares have fallen 1.46% in the pre-market today, after shedding 4.18% on Wednesday. It's financials present a paradox for growth-focused investors.

Despite the stock’s commendable ascent at the beginning of the year, shares are down 21.66% YTD, juxtaposed with the Nasdaq Composite Index’s rise of 8% over the same period. This, coupled with a tough financial climate where digital transformation is changing the face of personal banking, could be the right recipe for SoFi to bounce back.

The digital bank, embodying innovation and the shift toward fintech alternatives, witnessed an impressive leap with its stock climbing 66% since the start of 2023. This spike represented a wave of investor confidence and an endorsement of SoFi's business model and growth strategy. The company’s ambitions in providing a comprehensive portfolio of financial services, ranging from loan refinancing to investment and deposit accounts, made it an attractive prospect for portfolios hungry for market-beating returns.

However, a confluence of factors suggests that SoFi’s journey is not immune to the volatility typical of high-growth tech stocks. The company’s impressive initial surge has since been tempered, as the ebbs and flows of investor sentiment and broader market trends exert their influence.


Experts largely encourage understanding the intrinsic risks associated with any potential investment. The flux in SoFi’s stock price underlines the importance of this due diligence, particularly when considering stocks positioned in sectors exposed to high volatility and regulatory changes. Identifying the key risk factors – be it changing interest rates, competitive pressures, or regulatory landscapes – is critical before adding SoFi stock to one’s portfolio.

Investors considering SoFi are essentially contemplating the prospects of a digital bank geared for growth in a rapidly evolving fintech landscape. The trajectory of its stock price serves as a vivid reminder that even the most promising disruptors are not fully insulated from the jolts of the market.

The strategic concerns for SoFi moving forward would involve maintaining its growth momentum while navigating the complex regulatory frameworks that govern digital banking. As promising as its ascent has been, SoFi's current predicament highlights the quintessential risk of growth investing: striking the balance between potential and volatility.

Citi Analyst Bullish, Cathie Wood adding

Some recent advocates of SOFI stock include Cathie Wood's Ark fund, adding recently to their holdings. Analysts at Citi have also resumed coverage this week, going in firm with a ‘Buy‘, and an $11 price target. That represents very nearly a 50% upside from the current trading price, and comments support the bullishness.

Analyst Ashwin Shirvaikar is said in a research noted to expect SoFi Technologies to save $40M-$60M in annual interest expense and dividend payments by using its notes convertible senior notes issuance to pay down higher cost instruments. Citi also expects SoFi's business diversification efforts will help the business to attract deposits and prove itself out.

The quest for market-beating returns often leads to the doors of innovative companies like SoFi Technologies. Nonetheless, as with all investments, it is the fine print – the understanding of underlying risks – that remains paramount.

As SoFi grapples with market sentiment and growth expectations, shareholders and potential investors alike will be watching closely to see if the company can ultimately realize its growth potential amidst the unpredictable tides of the stock market.

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