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Value In Vodafone Shares (LON: VOD) With Dividend Cut Looming?

Analyst Team trader
Updated 10 Jun 2024

The Vodafone share price (LON: VOD) has undeniably seen better days. Once a beacon of Europe's market, now its share price stands at a humble 71.5p, a drastic contraction from its maximum heights around the turn of the millennium when it claimed the title as Europe's most sizable company by market cap.

This slide is far from superficial, as the company's recent woes are reflected in a prolonged downtrend; as reflected by the 44.12% decrease in value of VOD stock in the last five years. In recent months however the stock has tried to fight back, with 4.33% gains over the last 6 months evidence of some level of stability or support between the 60-75p level.

The financial health of the telecom giant raises eyebrows, with a knee-buckling €33.2bn in net debt. This staggering figure is particularly poignant in an era where interest rates are creeping upwards—posing possible fiscal threats that could tighten Vodafone's operational leash.

Adding to investors' trepidation is the looming dividend cut. Known for its high dividend yield, which currently stands over 10%, Vodafone has signalled an intent to radically restructure this investor perk, potentially removing it from the lists of income investors' best UK dividend stocks. The proposed halving of its dividend payout—from 9 cents to 4.5 cents per share starting from 2025—highlights a distressing reality: the company's once-lauded yield is now unsustainable.


Despite these factors, it's not all doom and gloom. Vodafone has recently posted a 6.3% uptick in group service revenue, hinting at a spark of operational resilience. Moreover, CEO Margherita Della Valle is at the helm steering a concerted turnaround effort. This includes a notable €2bn share buyback, an attempt to shore up shareholder sentiment and offer a ray of optimism amidst the pervasive scepticism. This program is financed by the divestiture of its Spanish enterprise for a substantive €5bn, suggesting that strategic asset reallocation could pave the way to recovery.

There does seem to be support for the stock in the range of 60-75p, and a buyback does have the potential to shore up prices. This really needs to be considered however in the full context of the looming changes.

The positive strides are juxtaposed against enduring concerns leaving value investors with plenty to weigh up. The increased revenue and turnaround initiatives are up against the classification of Vodafone as a “classic value trap” in some investing circles—a label assigned to stocks that appear cheap but are surrounded by potential pitfalls, like future dividend slashes, that can ensnare the unwary.

In light of these layered complexities, caution reigns supreme when considering Vodafone's stock. The juxtaposition between the attractive share price and high-yielding dividend against the backdrop of significant debt and declining share value paints a picture of uncertainty.

This duality is a delicate tightrope—an investment proposition that demands careful scrutiny beyond surface-level allure, particularly for those contemplating the broader spectrum of opportunities the market offers.

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