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Tech Stocks Fighting For World’s Most Valuable Title (AAPL, MSFT, NVDA)

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Updated 13 Jun 2024

There is a battle ensuing on wall street. Not the battle between bulls and bears over Gamestop this time, (the bulls have won that already according to Jim Cramer) but the battle for the title of the world's most valuable company.

Whilst Microsoft had been holding on to the title, it was seen as inevitable that Nvidia would be next up to threaten, but a rapid shift has ensued in recent days from another tech stock giant.

Daytraders of Apple, the bulls at least, were licking their lips as the Apple stock price (NASDAQ:AAPL) rose more than 14% from the close of Monday through to the high point yesterday, and momentarily reclaimed its crown as the world's most valuable publicly traded company.

Surpassing Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT), Apple's market capitalization soared as its shares rose to new all time highs, hitting $220, with a total valuation over $3.30 trillion. Apple has settled back slightly down from that mark, now trading at $214 in the extended hours sessions.

Not wanting to be outshone, Nvidia shares (NASDAQ: NVDA) were up 3.55% yesterday, and another 1% in extended hours trading leaves the market cap of $3.1 trillion still shy of its two storied competitors. After such a relative slow start to the year for Apple's share price, why the sudden sentiment shift in recent days?


The resurgence in Apple's market value can be largely attributed to the emerging optimism surrounding its foray into artificial intelligence (AI). The reboot of Apple's virtual assistant, Siri, marked by a major AI-centric upgrade, along with personality and privacy features, signalled Apple's resolute focus on integrating AI across its platform. This AI push includes the recently touted Apple Intelligence, a system that adds a contemporary depth to the company's AI capabilities.

Wall Street has been noticeably impressed by these updates, commonly referring to them as a “milestone moment” for AI technology in consumer electronics. Apple's strategic update across its operating systems, which elevates AI utility, has been a catalyst in not only improving the company's reputation as an innovation thought-leader but also in boosting investor confidence.

Furthermore, the California-based tech giant also announced a sizeable $110 billion share buyback program, coupled with second-quarter results that outperformed expectations. These factors have been critical in alleviating market concerns about Apple's competitive standing in critical markets such as China.

Even as Apple, Microsoft, and Nvidia are engaged in a tight race toward a $4 trillion market capitalization, it is worth noting the performance of their shares over a longer timeframe. Despite the impressive surge in Apple's shares, which rose nearly 15% year-to-date, it lags behind its peers. Microsoft has notched a 18.93% gain, while Nvidia stands out with a staggering 159% increase.

Apple's resurgence to temporarily take the crown as the most valuable company is a testament to its strategic pivot towards AI and robust financial health but Microsoft is holding in there. At the rate of growth being shown by Nvidia year to date however, it seems a foregone conclusion that NVDA will take the crown at some point, assuming some level of momentum can be maintained.

As these three race towards even higher market capitalization goals with innovative advancements and strong financial strategies, if recent days are to go by, Apple's ability to assuage investor concerns while pushing the envelope in technology sets the stage for what may continue to be a buoyant period for the tech mammoth in the foreseeable future.

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