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Admiral Markets MT4 Review – Versatile CFD Trading Software

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Updated 4 Jul 2022

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Admiral Markets provides an easy and convenient way to start trading no matter how experienced you are. With a UK arm regulated here in Britain, this platform is popular for casual and professional traders alike. With a huge range of assets including both standard and exotic forex pairs and a variety of CFD stocks and commodities to pick from, you will have plenty of asset investment choices. This guide will carry out a CFD broker comparison to help you decide whether or not Admiral Markets is the best CFD broker for your trading requirements.

  • Lots of customisation options
  • Robotic trading function available
  • Easy deposit process
  • Handy mobile apps for iOS and Android

Admiral Markets Rebranding Notice:

In 2021, on the eve of its 20th anniversary, Admiral Markets took the step of rebranding itself as Admirals. With its new name, look, and logo, the firm intends to continue providing clients with the products, services and expertise it has spent the last two decades developing. Admirals also intends to put new innovations in place aimed at helping clients redefine their approach to personal finance and manage their wealth, spending, and investing, all under one roof. The rebranding marks a renewed commitment by the company to move forward, anticipating where the world of finance is going and providing customers with a broader range of investing and money management tools.

Customisation Options

The MT4 platform is offered by Admiral Markets as a downloadable, software-based solution. While it has a wide range of advantages, one of its most desirable perks is the way it allows users to customise the trading experience and build a set of unique technical indicators to suit their preferred markets. Ideal for intermediate and advanced traders seeking valuable insights inside market data who have struggled to find them using the existing range of pre-loaded indicators, this function can change the way you trade.

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Now you will have no trouble accessing the information that pertains to you and will give you an edge in the industry. In order to reach the custom indicator creator screen, you can head to the “Navigator” window and click on “Create” next to “Custom Indicators”. From there you can stipulate a wide variety of parameters, including band shifts and different types of buffer. Your custom indicators can be colour co-ordinated for fast comprehension, and it should be run through a compiling process at the end in order to ensure that the resultant code works correctly. These are just a few ways that Admiral Markets MT4 is designed to meet your personal needs and ensure the most efficient user experience.

Timeframes and Indicators

Visualising how a market has performed over time is essential for traders, as it is the only way to identify graphical high and low points, such as candlestick patterns, and use them to inform trading strategies for the future. For that reason, exerting control over the way that time is displayed on a trading screen is an important skill for traders to have. Admiral Markets MT4 makes this simple by offering nine different timeframes to pick from.

  • Lots of control over visualisation is possible
  • Nine timeframes to pick from, ranging from one minute to one month
  • Pre-set technical indicators available

The smallest amount of time available to segment market performance data into is one minute, while the largest amount is one month. There are also seven additional intervals available to choose from. The advantage of this is that it allows you to see how certain assets performed over time, not just in isolation but in comparison to one another. In addition to this, the MT4 system provides a whole host of pre-set technical indicators you can use as well as the power to create your own. These include several types of charts and structures, including oscillators (ideal for charts without a clear trend direction), fractals (used to locate where reversals are occurring), average true ranges (to work out moving averages) and more.

Does Admiral Markets MT4 Support Automated Trading

Those who choose to trade manually, then, clearly have a wide range of order execution methods at their disposal when using MT4. But despite the many advantages that the manual aspects of this software can bring to traders, they can also sap your time. From analysing historic market data to structuring your day around being online at a certain time to maximise precise and difficult-to-predict movements in the market, day trading can be a time-consuming job.

  • Robotic trading possible with MT4
  • Expert Advisor function for execution of trades and limits
  • Robotic technical indicator can help with analysis of the market

Luckily the Admiral Markets MT4 system is able to help you get around these problems, and traders can opt for one (or both) of two automated trading formats. One, the Expert Advisor, allows you to create a script with defined properties which can inputted to control when a trade is executed. Buying and selling positions can be stipulated, as can more complex orders – such as limits for pending positions. The second, the robotic technical indicator, is designed to help you analyse the market. And with a large code library available, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Once you’ve mastered the art of using the interface, sourcing and applying the parameters you want is relatively simple.

Range of Assets

The MT4 system is offered by many different brokers, but what sets the Admiral Markets MT4 system apart is the vast range of CFD and forex assets available for trading. The forex range, which can be traded 24 hours a day and 5 days a week, includes a range of popular of currency pairs such as British pound/US dollar, Euro/USD and more. But unlike some other brokers on the market, the range also includes some unusual forex pairs from around the world including the Australian dollar/Swiss franc, Euro/Norwegian krone, Euro/Czech koruna, and more, making Admiral Markets an ideal home for those who want to experiment with a broader spectrum of assets than usual.

  • Broad range of instruments
  • Variety of forex pairs including British pound/US dollar
  • CFD shares from many markets available
  • Other options like commodities on offer

The “shares” traded on the Admiral Markets MT4 platform are in fact CFDs (contracts for difference), which appear to the trader as largely similar in performance to shares but do not assign the trader ownership of the actual, underlying asset. That said, there’s still a vast range of CFD stock options to choose from across several markets such as the USA, the UK and Europe. And with extra instruments such as commodities and exchange traded funds rounding off the range of choice, it’s clear that you will find a product on offer at Admiral Markets that suits your particular needs.

Depositing and Withdrawing on Admiral Markets' MT4

No Admiral Markets review would be complete without looking at the practical aspects of managing money on the platform. Although it’s perhaps not quite as exciting as the order execution options and automatic trading potential of the MT4 platform, it’s important to point out that Admiral Markets makes it convenient and easy to add and withdraw money. There are plenty of different deposit methods on offer, including standard options like Visa cards and bank transfers (cash deposits from banks, though, are not permitted at Admiral Markets). Online payment methods such as Skrill and Neteller are also accepted. It should be noted that there are some minimum deposit rules in place – and these differ based on the deposit method – so they may influence your deposit decisions.

For example, there is a £50 minimum deposit amount for Visa, Skrill, and Neteller transactions, but there is no minimum for bank transfers. These rates are generally quite competitive compared to the wider CFD broker industry, so you can deposit with Admiral Markets Metatrader safe in the knowledge that you’re only paying the going rate. And when it comes to removing your money from your Admiral Markets account, you can do this with ease. Those who withdraw via bank transfer can make two free requests each month, and there’s no minimum amount. Those who need to be paid via Neteller or Skrill, however, will need to pay 1% in commission (or a minimum of one pound).

Identity Verification

Admiral Markets is a UK-based company, which means it is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in Britain. The rules of this organisation dictate that brokers such as Admiral Markets must verify the identities of those using their platforms to ensure the trading environment is secure. In order to do this, it’s likely that you’ll need to supply some documents to prove that you are who you say you are. While this can seem like a time drain, Admiral Markets have made it as simple as possible by accepting a wide variety of identity documents so you will most likely have an applicable one to hand.

  • Identification stage required for most customers
  • Proof of identity, such as a passport or an ID card, will need to be copied and sent
  • Proof of address from the last three months, like a utility bill, will also need to be sent

The first stage of the identity verification process is the personal identification stage. For this, you’ll need to send Admiral Markets a copy of a government-sanctioned ID document such as a passport. Following this, you’ll be required to submit proof of residence too. This will usually be a letter with your current address on it, and it will need to be from an authoritative source such as a government department or a utility company. This letter will need to have been issued within the last three months.

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Mobile Trading

The Metatrader4 system offered by Admiral Markets has a range of advantages, and one of them is its capacity to handle a large amount of data. In theory, making the most of this amount of data requires a screen (or screens) big enough to handle it. But the innovative and clever designs of the Metatrader 4 mobile apps mean that they can manage substantial amounts of data as well. What’s more, this app is available for both of the most popular mobile operating systems, Android and Apple iOS – so you’re likely to be able to access the world of online trading no matter what sort of smartphone you have.

The Admiral Markets Metatrader iOS app can serve three different types of charts, and the real-time price information feed used in the desktop version of MT4 is replicated in the iOS app as well. In addition to these tools, you can also broaden your knowledge of the financial markets by taking advantage of the news alerts built into the app and the repository of information on global markets which the app gives you access to. On the Android app, you can enjoy similar benefits like the opportunity to introduce technical indicators or analyse a detailed version of your trading history no matter where in the world you are.

Our Verdict on Admiral Markets' MT4

Admiral Markets Metatrader is popular among its users as a convenient and fast trading platform which can help give your career as a trader a real boost. From the brand’s mobile app with all sorts of integrated features like news alerts and real-time charts to its easy withdrawal and deposit processes, there are plenty of reasons to choose Admiral Markets as your trading software provider. Admiral Markets goes above and beyond when it comes to providing you with a wide selection of asset options. From standard commodities to exotic and unusual forex currency pairs that are hard to find elsewhere, Admiral Markets broadens the range of choice available to you.

Customising your trading experience is simple thanks to the MT4 software’s capacity for handy bespoke technical indicator creation. And while there are some fees to pay (commission on withdrawals for certain payment methods, for example, or charges for some types of deposit modes) which a few of Admiral Market’s competitors don’t charge, a simple broker comparison shows that these are actually quite common across the industry. Overall, Admiral Markets provides a well-priced, cost-effective service which can provide you with a premier trading experience.

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