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3i Group Shares (LON: III) Look Set To Retest All Time Highs After Consolidation Phase

Analyst Team trader
Updated 12 Jun 2024

3i Group shares (LON: III) gapped up on this morning's open, starting at a new all time high at 2997p, up from Tuesday's close of 2770p. The stock is now on the verge of breaking through a significant resistance level, signalling potential for an upward trajectory after a period of sustained consolidation. Markets are closely watching the stock as it approaches these psychological and technical levels, with the price moving towards 3000p.

The stock price of 3i has risen sharply in the last year, adding 48% to stake a claim as one of the best performing shares in the UK. Despite what has been a strong 12 months, the last 3 months has been a period of consolidation where the price of the stock has ranged between 2800p and 2995p (which is both the 52 week, and all time high).

A push beyond 2995p and into the 3000 range will set III.L in uncharted territory, and could represent a new bullish phase. What is going on with the firm that is building such a strong bullish sentiment?

3i Group's strong Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance bolsters this bullish outlook with ethical investors. This positive standing may appeal to an increasingly socially conscious investment base, potentially increasing investment interest in the firm. In addition to its ESG reputation, the company boasts a relatively high EBITDA/Sales ratio, indicating substantial margins before deducting for depreciation, amortisation, and taxes. This suggests that the company is efficiently generating profits from its primary operations.

Looking at 3i Group's margins, they are some of the highest listed on the stock exchange, further underscoring the company’s profitable core activity. Coupled with a sound financial situation, 3i Group has ample room for investment and growth. The firm’s valuation metrics also present an attractive investment case, with price-to-earnings (P/E) ratios of 6.24 and 6.25 projected for the current fiscal year and 2026 respectively. Such low earnings multiples could make 3i Group a tempting proposition for value investors.


Analysts have echoed this sentiment over recent months, consistently revising their sales forecasts for the company in an upward direction, reflecting a sense of optimism about its growth prospects. Alongside rising sales expectations, analysts have incrementally increased their Earnings Per Share (EPS) forecasts for the upcoming fiscal year. Moreover, the prevalent recommendation among analysts for 3i Group's stock leans towards overweighting or purchase, indicating a generally positive outlook on the company’s value and potential performance.

Supporting this bullish perspective, the average price target provided by analysts interested in the stock has seen a considerable upward revision over the last four months. This adjustment suggests that experts believe in greater future value for the firm. Historically, 3i Group has had a track record of releasing financial figures that surpass market anticipations, a trend that may persist. However, there appears to be a caveat: the potential for EPS growth in the coming years seems limited according to current analyst estimates, which could temper long-term expectation.

Another valuation metric, the “enterprise value to sales” ratio of 3i Group, stands among the highest globally. This reflects a high valuation based on the cash flows the company generates. Despite this indicator suggesting a high valuation, the combination of strong margins, solid financial health, and favorable analyst sentiment contributes to the positive financial outlook for 3i Group plc.

As 3i Group plc nears a pivotal resistance level, the convergence of technical indicators and fundamental factors—including sound financials, robust margins, and favorable analyst attitudes—paint a compelling picture for both current investors and potential shareholders. Observers will be watching to see if the company’s shares can maintain their uptrend and convert the resistance into support in the coming trading sessions.

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