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Barclays Shares (BARC) Up 1/3rd In 2024 – Is The Stock Still Value?

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Updated 19 Jun 2024

Barclays shares (LSE: BARC) have been one of the success stories of 2024 so far on the UK markets. With the bank flagged as a potentially under-the-radar value stock that is capturing the attention of investors, we need to take a closer look. Over the past year, the company's stock value has risen by a very solid 33%, with its shares currently trading around 208p.

This upward trajectory points to a strengthening model in the eyes of markets, and the result of strategic initiatives which are reflected in the current valuation of the company. But with such a strong growth period already behind it, are Barclays shares still a buy from a value perspective?

The financial world categorises stocks as ‘value' based on various assessment ratios; notably, the price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio is one such widely monitored metric. Barclays boasts a P/E ratio near 8, with expectations of it dipping further in the next fiscal year. This presents a compelling case for the company being undervalued in relation to its earnings, which may suggest a bargain purchase for savvy investors.

A peek into Barclays' operational focus reveals a strategic pivot towards cost-cutting and efficiency enhancement. Such an orientation not only streamlines operations but also positions the company to potentially bolster shareholder returns. True to this commitment, Barclays has pledged to return a substantial £10 billion to its shareholders through various means, including a buyback, slated between the years 2024 to 2026. This initiative reflects confidence in the company's revenue-generating ability and its commitment to enhancing shareholder value.

In addition to capital returns, Barclays offers a dividend yield that is just shy of 4%. This yield is quite attractive amongst UK dividend stocks, especially when juxtaposed against alternative investment opportunities within the banking sector. Dividends are a critical parameter for investors seeking regular income streams, and Barclays appears well-positioned to deliver on this front.


However, the economic landscape is not without its vicissitudes, and fluctuations—especially in interest rates—have a significant influence on banking operations and profitability. These external factors are pivotal considerations that could impact Barclays' returns and shareholder payouts, rendering close monitoring a necessity for investors.

Despite the presence of risks inherent to the industry, Barclays shares stand out as one to consider. Its valuation metrics, policy on returns, and strategic posture in the UK banking landscape paint a picture of a company that is geared towards sustainable growth and consistent value creation for its stakeholders. You will always want to do a lot of your own due diligence and valuations to ensure the parameters fall within your criteria, but there are certainly worse performers in the market.

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