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Lloyds Shares Hit 52 Week High, What Is The Next Milestone?

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Updated 9 May 2024

Lloyds Banking Group Plc shares (LON: LLOY) have had an impressive beginning to the year 2024, with the price witnessing a substantial uptick. Currently, the stock sits at 54.02p, marking a notable gain of 10.9% from its opening price of 48.1p at the onset of the year. This positive trajectory has led to the consideration of whether the shares could surge to 60p by the year's end.

Despite a decline of 12.7% over the past five years, Lloyds' share price has recently displayed resilience and recovery, with appreciable gains recorded in the last 12 months. The stakes are increasing for Lloyds as it would need to achieve a further climb of 12.6% to hit the 60p target. Should this objective be met, it would represent a significant jump of 23.5% over 12 months.

Market projections are showing a one-year price target for Lloyds stock pegged at 59p on consensus average. This forecast underscores the expectation of sustained upward momentum, suggesting a continuation of the current growth trend. The current high target of 70, against a low of 50 sees LLOY.L sitting nearer the lower end of forecasts currently with room to the upside.

With 52 week highs recently under its' belt, that elusive 60 mark last seen 5 years ago seems ever closer, but what of the fundamentals? Lloyds is trading at an earnings multiple of 6.9 times, which is considerably below the Footsie average of 11, signalling that the stock could potentially be undervalued, or lack catalysts.

In the banking sector, interest rates wield considerable influence over stock performance. Lloyds has indeed benefited from reductions in interest rates, yet there looms the potential for margin compressions should rates shift. Nevertheless, amidst economic uncertainties, there is a belief in the long-term prospects of Lloyds, bolstered by a noteworthy dividend yield of 5.2%. This perspective paints a picture of enduring value in the company's shares.


While market conditions can be unpredictable, the sentiment towards Lloyds remains optimistic. The company's stock remains an attractive proposition for investors who find value in its current price metrics and dividend yield.

Speculation aside, it's the unfolding economic landscape and the bank's strategic responses that will ultimately dictate the share price's path. As it stands, Lloyds could indeed be poised to reach or even surpass the anticipated 60p mark, should the positive trends persist throughout 2024

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