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RELX Share Price (LON: REL) Setting All Time Highs As AI Adds To Sentiment

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Updated 21 Jun 2024

The RELX share price (LSE:REL) has continued to take out new highs in recent days, with the latest mark of 3,622 representing both 52 week, and all time highs. The FTSE 100's dynamic analytics company, has made impressive strides in the realm of advanced AI and data analysis, catering to a variety of sectors, including legal and medical research.

This focus on cutting-edge technology has propelled the company upwards, as evidenced by a striking rise of 17% in its stock value through 2024 so far. The last 2 years have followed a similar trend, with the stock adding more than 70%, on a consistent climb.


The past decade has been transformative for RELX, with a notable shift in sales growth, which currently averages at 9.5% over three years. This growth can be largely attributed to the company's pivot towards digital and AI technologies. In an age where data is king, RELX has been successful in harnessing the surge of information, applying artificial intelligence to decipher, distill, and deliver valuable insights.

A key to RELX's growth has been its strategic shift in offerings, such as Lexis+AI, which has not only enhanced its service in the legal sector but also drawn a new customer base. The company's specialized and sophisticated tools – the result of contributions by experts from various fields – are crafted to tailor data analysis, retrieval, and presentation to align closely with each client's unique needs.

Employing an array of AI technologies, including natural language processing, machine learning, and generative AI, RELX stands out with its expansive dataset, which encompasses an array of domains from legal cases and scientific publications to market intelligence. Such a wealth of information, augmented by advanced analytical technology, is what equips RELX to provide its clients with a distinct competitive advantage.

Despite the lure of RELX's potential as a long-term investment, cautious investors point to its current price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio, hovering around 29 based on future earnings estimates. This valuation has led to some trepidation regarding immediate investments, with suggestions of awaiting a downward correction in the stock's price before considering portfolio inclusion.

The competitive environment also brings its challenges, particularly from tech juggernauts like Microsoft and Alphabet. These companies are venturing into the development of artificial general intelligence, which poses a potential headwind to the exclusivity and appeal of RELX's AI capabilities.

While RELX demonstrates a strong trajectory in leveraging the burgeoning AI and data landscape, and boasts notable growth and technological prowess, investors might benefit from a measured approach. Considering the stock's current valuation and the budding competition in the AI space, potential investors may deem it wise to monitor the company's positioning and market trends closely prior to commitment.

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