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Tech Stocks Take Different Directions But Is Alphabet A Likely Winner (NASDAQ:GOOG)?

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Updated 15 Mar 2024

As the financial markets of 2024 continue to twist under the unpredictable winds of global economic trends and industry-specific challenges, we wanted to take a look at the performance of the prominent “Magnificent 7” technology stocks that previously led the market from the front to see where value might peek out. Amidst this, a distinction unfurls between two of the names, with the fortunes of Alphabet Inc. (GOOG) and Tesla Inc. (TSLA) looking quite contrasting at this point.

Nvidia Corporation (NVDA) has now emerged victorious this year, attaining a formidable $2.29 trillion market cap and continuing its bullish rally. However, the same cannot be said for all members of the illustrious group, as Tesla and Apple Inc. (AAPL) find themselves languishing in the red this year. Tesla, most notably, bears the brunt of bearish sentiment as the worst-performing stock in the S&P 500 Index, with a staggering loss of roughly a third of its market value thus far.


Alphabet, the parent entity of Google, has not been immune to lethargic performance either. With a modest gain of 1.6% in 2024, it lags behind the broader technology-focused Nasdaq Composite Index (IXIC) in market activity. Nonetheless, the undercurrents of Alphabet's market dynamics are intriguing. Renowned investor Ray Dalio perceives stocks like Alphabet, alongside Meta Platforms Inc. (META), as “somewhat cheap” and does not echo the sentiments of a speculative bubble within the U.S. stock market landscape .

Contrasting Dalio's viewpoint is the investment strategy of the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, who has retracted from the market recently, being a consistent seller of stocks over five consecutive quarters. His burgeoning cash reserves send a signal of cautious conservatism that resonates differently than Dalio's relative optimism.

Google Price Targets & Analyst Forecasts Healthy

Wall Street analysts are articulating a bullish tone on Alphabet's prospects, with a “Strong Buy” recommendation underscored by a mean target price of $165. This price ambition stands at an 15% premium over the last closing price, painting a positive future trajectory for the stock, bolstered further by 86% of analysts advocating a “Strong Buy” or “Moderate Buy” rating . A high mark of $180 against a low forecast of $141 stands Alphabet on its' lowest price target as we write today.

In terms of valuation, Alphabet also presents an intriguing proposition. Presently trading at a price-to-earnings multiple of 24.4x, it boasts one of the most attractive valuations among its “Magnificent 7” peers, possibly tempting value-seeking investors .

Yet, these financial metrics do not operate in isolation of broader market forces. Alphabet continues grappling with the competitive pressures in the digital advertisement sector, where its once-unquestioned dominance now wavers as it contends with innovative disruptors like TikTok and retail juggernaut Inc.

Despite these headwinds, the analytical consensus remains that Alphabet's revenue is on an ascent, pegged for growth in both 2024 and 2025, with anticipated profitability climbing at an even sharper pace. This robust financial health hints at an attractive risk-reward balance for Alphabet at its current market price .

One of those with an Alphabet price target that stands at the consensus level is JP Morgan. Having recently been quoted as backing the target and of the belief that Google will get Gemini back on track to compete on the AI front which is seeming to drive a lot of the tech narrative in recent times. The firm believes there is also a “manifestation of uncertainty” around Google's growth and positioning of search in a generative artificial intelligence world going forward, calls for bigger capital returns including a dividend, and tough comparisons to Meta (META). So, it would seem confident but accepting of the challenges that remain. Once these obstacles are overcome (if they are to be), the path to growth would seem much clearer for GOOG.

It remains no secret that wealth accumulation in tech stocks presents an intricate puzzle of valuation, industry trends, and company-specific risks. In the current climate, Alphabet appears to offer a blend of value, growth, and relative stability that cannot be said for some of its' Magnificent 7 compadres.

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