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Synairgen Shares Are Trading Almost Flat for the Year, but Seem Ready To Breakout

Simon Mugo trader
Updated 12 Apr 2021

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Shares of biotech company Synairgen plc (LON: SNG) are trading almost flat for the year but have formed a triangle pattern that could lead to a breakout in either direction, creating excellent trading opportunities.

It is always hard to predict how a share will break out o a triangle pattern, especially an equilibrium triangle such as the one shown in the chart below. Therefore, investors have to wait for the price to break out before opening new positions.

However, we can study the company’s fundamentals to determine if we are likely to get some positive or negative news in future that could trigger a breakout aligned with the news. Adverse events are likely to fuel a bearish breakout, while positive news is likely to result in a bullish breakout.

The company is expected to release the data from the phase 2 home clinal trials of its inhaled interferon beta drug (SNG001) as a treatment for COVID-19 during Q2. Many are patiently awaiting the report.

If the phase II trial is successful, we will likely get a surge in Synairgen’s share price after the UK health regulators allow the drug to proceed to phase III trials. This trial’s success will help keep most COVID-19 patients out of hospitals as they will be treated and recover from the comfort of their homes.

Synairgen is simultaneously running phase II clinical trials of its SNG001 drug to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a prevalent disease among smokers with a very high mortality rate.

An experienced team of researchers has led the firm since being was spun off from the University of Southampton.

Traders looking to open new positions in the firm should know that the fundamentals favour a bullish breakout. However, triangle patterns are very unpredictable and could break out in either direction, which is why risk management is essential.*

*This is not investment advice.

Synairgen share price.

IG chart of Synairgen share price 12-04-2021

Synairgen shares are trading almost flat this year but have formed a triangle pattern that could break out at any moment.

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