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How to Buy Bitcoin on GKFX

Simon Mugo trader
Updated 21 Jul 2022

GKFX is an excellent choice for those traders who need a committed, dedicated broker that is willing to offer them both a top price and a top service.


This firm’s Bitcoin trading deal is top quality: from spread betting accounts to CFD accounts, this provider is committed to providing choice and service. The fees on spreads may seem high, but they are not overly pricey compared to the spreads of the winder industry. With plenty of trading platform choices available ranging from MetaTrader 4 to mobile apps, there’s sure to be a way to make the most of this firm’s options.

No broker is 100% ideal, and there are some problems to contend with. One potential problem is the lack of up to date information on the ticker which runs across the top of the screen on the GKFX homepage, while another is the lack of 24 hours a day, seven days a week customer service lines. There is also no compatibility with MetaTrader 5, something that is a key requirement for many traders. However, the GKFX Bitcoin broker continues to be popular, and for a good reason: if you need a dedicated and top-quality broker, there’s no reason not to pick this firm.

4 highlights:

  • Choice for traders between CFD accounts and spread betting ones
  • Mobile apps, MetaTrader 4 and more can also be chosen
  • Bitcoin is one cryptocurrency available – Litecoin, Dash and more can all be traded
  • Demo account for risk free trading is available to use

1. Bitcoin Trading Offer

For those who want a smooth, efficient and user-friendly Bitcoin trading experience, GKFX is a great broker to opt for. Its Bitcoin trading offer is diverse, and it allows you to trade this cryptocurrency in conjunction with a range of fiat currencies. There are two distinctive types of Bitcoin trading account on offer with this broker: one is spread betting, and the other is CFD (contract for difference). Whichever option you take, you won’t actually possess the underlying asset – so there’ll be no transfer of a position on the blockchain, or similar. Instead, you’ll simply be speculating on the rise or fall of the dollar – and hence will be able to profit (or, in some cases, lose) without having to make a purchase. The advantage of a CFD approach is that it allows you to use the power of leverage to increase your investment without having to expand the amount of cash you put down, so it is perfect for those looking to take a riskier approach.

While Bitcoin is, of course, a specific cryptocurrency, you may want to factor into your trading plans the fact that there are several major crypto coins offered by this broker – including Ripple, Dash, Ethereum and Litecoin. If you intend to build a portfolio of different crypto assets once you have bought Bitcoin, then, it’s worth noting that this is a possibility. It’s also important to note at this stage that GKFX is about to be renamed and will soon be known as GK Pro – so if during your crypto broker research you discover this new name, remember to remain aware that a rebrand is taking place.

2. Bitcoin Trading Costs

The costs involved in trading Bitcoin with this broker can vary, although there are some constants. The target spread of Bitcoin, when bought on GKFX, is $35.00 US dollars, and it comes with a margin of 50% To give some idea of the context, the target spread for Ethereum is $6.00 while for Litecoin it can be as low as $5.00 – although the margin remains the same for all of them. The maximum clip size for Bitcoin, meanwhile, is 10, while the minimum clip size is 0.1.

3. Accounts

There are several different types of account on offer at GKFX, so you are sure to be able to find a mode of trading that works for you. Standard trading accounts are available, as are corporate accounts: however, the main distinction tends to be focused on other assets which aren’t crypto-related. If you plan to build a diverse portfolio which includes Bitcoin alongside the other main asset provided by GKFX, which is foreign exchange, it may be relevant to you to make account type decisions based on whether a fixed spread type is required or similar.

However, the account types available are largely similar in nature, so there is not too much of a big decision to be made. The trading platforms available are regardless of account type (both accept MetaTrader 4 and the firm’s web trader), while both offer the same amount of leverage at 30:1. The stop out level is also the same, with both accounts offering a level of 50%. Perhaps the main account distinction for a Bitcoin trader using GKFX is, in fact, the amount of deposit which needs to be put down: there’s no minimum level of deposit required for a standard account, but a $25,000 deposit is needed for a corporate account.

For those who are totally new to Bitcoin trading, meanwhile, the demo account option is certain to be appealing. That’s because it permits traders to experiment with the trading tools and with the wider Bitcoin market, and to learn about the sometimes volatile and often turbo-charged cryptocurrencies market without actually placing down any cash and committing to a trade. As a learning opportunity, this account type is a top choice – and one that could save you cash in the long run by allowing you to experience Bitcoin-related mistakes in a totally risk-free environment.

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4. Bitcoin Trading Platforms & Mobile Trading

One of the distinct advantages of choosing this broker for your trading needs is the level of choice on offer when it comes to platforms. MetaTrader 4, which is one of the most popular trading platforms on the market, is available. While it’s also the case that there’s no compatibility with MetaTrader 5 (the more recent version) on offer, the presence of MetaTrader 4 pushes GKFX head and shoulders above some alternative providers on the market who do not provide any sort of compatibility with the MetaTrader system. MetaTrader 4 has enough advantages to make it more than sufficient: with many technical indicators available, this is a platform which goes the distance. It can be downloaded as a standalone piece of software, or it can be used a web-based platform with only a browser on offer.

In terms of mobile trading, there are several choices on the table – rather than just one mobile app, which is all that many of GKFX’s competitors offer. Mobile traders can choose between MetaTrader 4 for the web, which allows mobile access, and the Sirix WebTrader platform, which again can be used on the go.

5. Usability of the Website

The GKFX website is a particularly user-friendly one, which is excellent for those who prioritise navigability and clarity when searching for their preferred Bitcoin broker. Upon loading up the GKFX homepage, important information – such as the analysis tools on offer for download or use – are presented in an easily viewed slideshow format. For those who just want to get started as soon as possible, links to both the demo account option and the live account one are available. A rolling ticket which contains the latest foreign exchange pair value information is placed at the top of the screen, although frustratingly there is no inclusion of the value of Bitcoin on this ticker – so for those who are not building a diversified portfolio which incorporates some fiat currencies, this won’t be particularly helpful.

Links on this site are particularly intuitive and are designed to help Bitcoin traders locate what they need without having to waste time searching for the right information. Easy links to relevant sections, such as “Support” or “Research & Tools”, are placed in the bottom menu bar. Along the top, meanwhile, it becomes easy to export the platforms, tools legal documents and more which are essential for a new Bitcoin trader to engage with.

6. Customer Support

Customer support is clearly a key priority with GKFX, and there are lots of different options to choose from. Heading over to the GKFX website’s easily signposted contact page is the main way to do so and provides everything you need. The online form which is built into the website allows you to type out your question. There is also a handy drop-down menu which allows you to toggle between different locations, and which can help you to find the right destination for your query. If you would prefer to contact GKFX’s offices in Madrid, Frankfurt or Dubai, for example, you’ll be able to do so using this handy system.

The team at GKFX clearly understand that some customers may not want to fill out a form and may instead prefer to send their query via their preferred email client or to place a phone call. In that case, GKFX’s contact page contains relevant information which can be used to get the answers you need. For those who require support with their trading pursuits, the access line is available 24 hours a day during the trading week (which is defined roughly along the lines of the foreign exchange trading week, and which runs from 10pm on Sunday to 10pm on Friday). It’s worth noting, however, that queries which are specifically about either accounts or payments are not available for the same duration and instead are only available between 9am and 5pm from Monday to Friday (or, in the case of accounts from 8am onwards).

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7. Methods of Payment

There are plenty of payment methods which users can choose from, so paying for your Bitcoin need not be a difficult task. GKFX accepts a range of fiat currencies for the initial deposit – including the US dollar, the euro and the British pound. Transfers can be made through a variety of methods, such as card (either debit or credit), bank transfer, or e-wallet. The deposit rules do not differ based on the currency used. With GKFX, the differences in the rules come in terms of variables such as the transfer limits: for bank transfers, for example, there’s a minimum value of 50 (no matter what the currency chosen might be) but no maximum. The credit and debit card options, meanwhile, comes with a minimum transfer of 20 and a maximum of 5,000. If you choose the e-wallet route, you’ll need to limit your transfer to 5,000.

In terms of the transaction times available, you’ll be able to secure an instant transfer if you choose to use the debit or credit card option or the e-wallet option. The only time in which there may be a delay is if you choose the bank transfer option: in that case, there may be a delay of one to five business days. There are no additional fees levied by GKFX on any of the transfer modes, although you should factor in the potential for your provider to charge fees if you are using a debit or credit card option.

8. Additional Offers

The first place to look if you’re interested in finding out about additional offers from GKFX is the education section of the website. There are a range of resources available here, including tutorials designed to impart knowledge about the way in which the market works and a range of videos, too. Frustratingly for Bitcoin traders, many of the education options appear to be based around foreign exchange: although Bitcoin is a major part of the trading landscape of GKFX, it appears that there is little in the way of specific education and resources for traders to use. There is also an economic calendar available, so if you want to familiarise yourself with the market moving events than can affect Bitcoin values – such as foreign exchange-related decisions – then you can do so here.

9. Regulation & Deposit Protection

Regulation is an important priority for the team at GKFX, and the firm complies with a number of essential rules and laws concerning its conduct. It is regulated, for example, by the Financial Conduct Authority, which is Britain’s leading regulator of firms like this. Its registration number at the FCA is 501320. When it comes to other countries, the firm is regulated by the likes of BaFin in Germany, the CNB, the CNMV and many more.

10. Awards

The trophy cabinet at GKFX is full to bursting, so for those who highly value industry recognition, this is a great option to go for. Its education package has come in for particular praise, with the Shares Awards 2018 naming the broker the winner of the Best Trading Education award. At the ADVFN International Financial Awards in 2017, meanwhile, it was also named a winner. There are several forex-specific awards which it has won, too: while Bitcoin aficionados might be hesitant to lump crypto in with forex, the existence of so many awards is still an important fact to take into consideration when deciding whether to use GKFX as a Bitcoin broker. It took the Best Forex Customer Service Award in 2016 at the UK Forex Awards, while at the same event it scooped the Best Forex Mobile/Tablet Trading Application.


There are a whole host of reasons to choose GKFX as your preferred foreign exchange broker. From the range of trading platforms, it offers to the many customer support options available including live chat, phone and email; the customer comes first here. As discussed above, this is not necessarily the sort of broker for which the cheapest spreads will be available – but given how many additional resources are available and the highly useable website which it provides, you’ll undoubtedly receive value for money.

What's more, is that there are a range of account types on offer – and if GKFX is your first port of call as a newbie Bitcoin trader, you'll likely want to benefit from the available demo account. With plenty of awards under its belt, GKFX is the sort of broker that you can trust with your money – even if the spreads are, admittedly, a little higher than usual. Overall, this is the kind of establishment that works for all sorts of traders – and one that you should be confident taking an account out with if you're a new, experienced or seasoned Bitcoin trader.


Simon has over six years of professional trading experience across FX, commodities and equities. He has a strong passion for financial markets and is particularly focused on price action trading