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Greatland Gold Stock Forecast

justin freeman
Justin Freeman trader
Updated 13 Jul 2023

Buying stocks in firms that operate in the commodity sector can be a real roller-coaster ride. Greatland Gold takes things even further. The UK-listed company is a small-cap gold explorer working in a range of gold fields in Australia. It focuses on one product, working on a hit-and-miss basis in the Australian outback. On top of that, by having gold as its target, Greatland’s valuation is also a product of global commodity prices, which are known for their volatility. 


Greatland Gold Stock Forecast

Short-term traders can utilise technical analysis to decide whether to buy or sell Greatland Gold shares. Those with a longer-term view can use fundamental analysis to answer the question, “Why buy Greatland Gold stocks?” This article will look at the prospects for both types of investors and reveal a Greatland Gold stock forecast for the near and long term.

Greatland Gold Forecast

Who is Greatland Gold (LSE: GG)?

If your investment process of due diligence involves a site visit of your potential target, then you’ve got your work cut out with Greatland Gold. Although the firm is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) under ticker GGP, its operations are in inhospitable and remote areas across the Australian mainland and Tasmania.

Equally, if you’re looking to get a clear idea of the Greatland Gold stock forecast, you’re also in difficulty due to the extreme nature of the share price moves. When the Greatland Gold share price hit 35.00p in January 2021, investors who had held the stock for only 12 months posted an eye-watering 1638% gain. By early 2023 the stock price had plummeted to below 7p. 

Greatland Gold (GGP) Share Price Chart


Greatland Gold has been operating for some years and was admitted to the LSE in 2006. Due to its relatively small market capitalisation of £405m, Greatland Gold shares are bought and sold on the AIM market, the natural home for smaller growth companies offering investors greater risk-return.

Greatland Gold (GG) – Key Data

Market Cap£405.4m
Dividend Yield0.00%
Payout Ratio0.00%
Return on Assets-15.23%
Return on Equity (ROE)-56.10%
Debt to Equity69.53
Stock held by insiders12.06%
Stock held by institutions9.12%
Greatland Gold Forecast


Following the retreat from the price highs of 2021, the GG stock price has, over the last nine months, been trading in a relatively tight price range between 7.00p – 9.00p. There is still room for traders to make short-term profits on price moves, as demonstrated by the +28% increase in the share price between 24th March and 3rd May 2023. 

Greatland Gold (GGP) Share Price Chart – 2021 – 2023

greatland gold price chart 2023
Source: IG

The chances of a catalyst appearing to trigger a move out of that trading range can’t be discounted and would signify the start of a new price trend. But recent trading opportunities have related mainly to identifying moments when the RSI indicator has reached levels where the market is ‘overbought’ or ‘oversold’, signalling a short-term reversal in direction.


Greatland Gold (GGP) Share Price Chart – 2022 – 2023 – With RSI

greatland gold share price chart june 2023 with rsi
Source: IG

Those running short-term strategies can keep up to date with Greatland Gold’s progress by following the firm’s Twitter feed. It tracks the movements of the CEO, Shaun Day, and details all the upcoming key dates. Alternatively, find more in-depth updates from the news section of the firm’s site.

Greatland Gold Forecast


The extraordinary price highs of 2021 cast a shadow over the Greatland Gold price chart, but many analysts see the stock rebounding from the current price levels. 

GGP is trading at significantly below its estimated fair value and has forecast annual earnings growth of 133.09%. Many projects Greatland Gold is committed to are exploratory and at the investment stage of their lifecycle. That means the firm is not expected to make a profit before 2024 and makes the ‘cash and equivalents’ number on the balance sheet a key factor. 

The firm has £14.3m on hand to manage operating costs. That is forecast to be sufficient to finance operations for 18 months, but raising extra capital has previously involved issuing new stock. That occurred in 2022 and could happen again, diluting the holdings of existing shareholders and reducing the value of their positions.

The question for investors with a 12-month investment horizon is whether the pipeline of projects will start converting potential into reality and do so before the company needs to raise additional capital once again.

Greatland Gold Share Price Chart – 2022 – 2023 – With SMAs

greatland gold share price chart june 2023 with smas
Source: IG

For a sustained bull run to occur, price needs to break the 9.00p price level, which has acted as resistance in recent months. At the same time, a break below 6.70p and the price low of 27th March would signify the long-term bearish trend still has some way to go. 

With price currently trading above the 20, 50, and 100 SMAs on the Daily Price Chart, there is reason for those buying GG stock at this level to believe the next move will be upward.



The excitement surrounding Greatland Gold means that although it has a small market capitalisation, as of February 2023, two brokers have followed the stock. Both tipped it as a ‘buy,’ with the consensus share price target being 22.0p.

Greatland Gold (GG) Share Price 2018 – 2023 Price Forecast

greatland gold share price chart june 2023 price forecast
Source: IG
Greatland Gold Forecast


Optimism relating to the Greatland Gold stock forecast up to 2025 is based on three factors – revenue forecasts, the price of gold, and the possibility a rival might buy the firm.


Looking at the GG fundamentals, there are many reasons to believe the firm is heading in the right direction. Finding large gold deposits can’t be guaranteed, but the firm is putting itself in the best position possible to deliver results.

Much rests on the prospects of the Havieron gold deposit in Western Australia, in which Greatland Gold has a 30% stake. It was discovered in 2018 and has been described as “one of the most exciting long-life gold-copper deposits in development worldwide”.

Greatland Gold’s management has described work so far as just “the tip of the iceberg” and state that the pre-feasibility study of 2022 covered only a fraction of the initially available resource. A more detailed full-feasibility study is due to be released outlining how Greatland Gold can maximise the value of the project. Long-term investors will consider that report as it could represent the tipping point where Greatland Gold shifts from extracting what minerals it can to help with cash flow to developing a more expansive long-term approach.


Greatland also extracts and sells base metals, but these are a by-product of the firm’s primary aim: mining gold. That means the Greatland share price is closely linked to the global gold market, and with the world moving into an inflationary environment, the price of gold is subject to some debate. When rises in international interest rates are factored in, it’s clear that the GG stock price is largely subject to a range of features that are out of the firm’s control.


When the current CEO, Shaun Day, took over from the previous head of the firm, Gervaise Heddle, some investors noted a potential move toward getting Greatland Gold ready to be bought out. Heddle offered a hands-on approach which helped Greatland develop a proven track record for exploration. 

The new CEO has a different skill set, described as being “a seasoned industry executive with over 20 years of experience in leadership positions across established mining and infrastructure, investment banking and international accounting firms. He has extensive experience in capital markets with a track record of leading successful transactions including M&A of publicly listed companies, farm-in agreements and raising capital” (source: Morningstar).

The hard work of finding gold in the ground has gone well, and now could be the time to maximise the returns to shareholders by courting a larger firm with the capital needed to scale up operations at Havieron.



Company insiders own a relatively large percentage of Greatland Gold stock. The management team own 12.06% of the total equity, which means the interests of the decision-makers are aligned with smaller investors. Buying and selling of shares by insiders is relatively infrequent. However, Clive Latcham and Michael Borrelli sold some of their holdings in January 2023. That liquidation had a combined value of £2.1m.

Institutional investors own 47.9% of the firm, retail investors 42.6%, and venture capital and private equity firms have an 8.5% holding.


The share price history can cloud the fact that Greatland Gold is a well-run exploration operation that makes the best of its human and technological resources. You don’t get lucky as often as Greatland does unless you know what you’re doing.

Price has pulled back to a level that will tempt many to step in, but anyone taking up the opportunity should respect the inherent risk profile of the small-cap mining sector. Extreme price moves can be expected, and any investment should only be of a small size. With historical price gains including +1,000% returns, there is still enough upside potential for investors following that approach.

Final Thoughts

There’s something appealing about buying into the chance of striking gold. But putting the romance of gold-panning to one side, there are still some solid reasons to buy Greatland Gold shares at current price levels. The firm offers a chance for a well-diversified portfolio to take on a position with a greater risk-return.

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