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10 Best YouTube Channels For Advanced Traders

justin freeman
Justin Freeman trader
Updated 12 Jun 2024

During the recent GameStop and meme stock craze, Robinhood retail investors and Wall Street hedge funds were making and losing life-changing sums of money. Throughout this period, you might have missed that the analysis that triggered the David and Goliath battle was first shared on YouTube. In fact, for those who knew where to look, it was freely available on the Roaring Kitty YouTube channel from July 2020, months before the GME stock price exploded in January 2021.


YouTube Channels For Advanced Traders

Whether you’re looking for a new trading idea or to introduce some innovative elements to your strategies, the free-flowing nature of YouTube makes it a great place to pick up new ideas. While the fallout and lawsuits that followed the meme stock situation have resulted in Roaring Kitty ceasing production, there are countless other channels to consider.

Our list of the top 10 YouTube channels for advanced traders shares some elements that might provide some new dimensions to your trading. Whether you’re trading stocks, crypto, forex, or commodities, being open to the idea of incorporating new information is always a good idea.

Why Follow Investors On YouTube?

Whether you are looking to explore the hidden corners of the financial markets or gain a better understanding of a current mainstream trend, YouTube simply can’t be ignored. The sheer size of the established social media platforms means they are an opportunity to keep up to date with the ideas of millions of other traders.

YouTube’s comments section and view counter allow you to see what subjects are trending. Following the herd mentality and trading in the same direction as a trend is, of course, a great starting point for any strategy.

The educational element of YouTube should also be factored in. Not only can it offer a side-ways look at your own trading style, but spending time researching can minimise the risk of over-trading. As the trading floor adage goes, some of the best trades you’ll ever do involve ‘sitting on your hands’ and not being tempted into loss-making positions.

The below profiles listed have been selected for their ability to appeal on several fronts. There are out-and-out stock pickers, crypto day traders and some channels that offer cutting-edge educational material.

Read on as we investigate which YouTube channels are a must for your subscription list.

AskTraders’ Top 10 Investors On YouTube (Advanced Traders)

1. Sven Carlin (Value Investing With Sven Carlin, Ph.D)

Subscribers: 217,000

The frequency with which Sven Carlin posts is an attractive feature for more active and advanced investors. Carlin posts daily, so it’s possible to keep up to date with how his trading ideas develop over the life of a trade and paves the way to optimising trade entry and exit points.

Carlin’s channel has 217k Subscribers and the quality of his content is demonstrated by the fact that a lot of his videos have +20k views. His established fan base is loyal and engaged. His focus is on value investing in stocks and a lot of his ideas revolve around incorporating the approach of experienced pros such as Warren Buffett so that smaller investors can try to achieve similar returns.

Digging into the granular detail of company accounts can be a daunting task, but the videos on Carlin’s page break down the different elements of fundamental analysis into bite-size pieces. Popular items include a case study on how to calculate the intrinsic value of Amazon (AMZN) and why buying Intel (INTC) is a good idea thanks to the potential earnings, dividends and buybacks associated with that stock.

If you’re looking to create a portfolio based on the tried and tested principles of investing, then Sven Carlin is a YouTuber to follow. He offers real-time trading ideas for buy-and-hold investors who are looking to make smoothed-out long-term returns.

2. Mr James (MoneyZG)

Subscribers: 496,000

Demonstrating how diverse the content on YouTube can be, we find MoneyZG offering ideas on strategies found at the other end of the investment spectrum – day-trading cryptocurrencies. Mr James, who runs the channel, started his professional career as a stockbroker but has since moved into trading digital coins on short-term timeframes.

The extreme price volatility of cryptos makes them a natural home for day traders and Mr James shares the benefit of his 10 years’ experience of trading short-term strategies. There are step-by-step guides on how to set up charts and news intake to ensure traders are as well positioned as they can be.

Day-trading crypto isn’t for everyone, but the informative and easy-to-follow nature of the account make it a valuable resource for all types of traders. Comments from followers demonstrate that the well-thought-out channel offers a range of interesting ideas.

“What I am loving is that in each video I have watched; I've gleaned a new nugget of information and focus,” is one such comment. “Watching this for the 3rd time. I'm a daily trader and still find this video invaluable. thank you, James,” is another comment from this YouTuber’s followers. Source: YouTube

3. Zacks Investment Research (ZacksInvestmentNews)

Subscribers: 40,300

Zacks Investments has carved out a niche in the market by producing easy-to-use in-depth research covering multiple asset groups. The YouTube channel is weighted towards stock research, but it ticks all the boxes for anyone looking for a one-stop shop that provides high-level updates on what is going on in the financial markets.

The channel publishes five new videos per week and has been operating and building a strong reputation in the investment community since 2008. That means there are hundreds of case studies of previous trading opportunities, as well as thoughtful insight into different kinds of strategies.

News and market events are also well covered. The ‘Bull & Bear Of The Day’ video offers a take on stocks that are in the news for the right and wrong reasons and demonstrates that the researchers producing the videos are experienced enough to prepare viewers for prices going down as well as up.

The prospects of individual stocks are analysed in detail in videos that range in length from 1 to 10 minutes. Whether you are considering investing in the metals needed to power the EV sector or considering the prospects of big-name blue chip stocks, Zacks Investment Research is the ideal place to find the information you need provided in a handy video format.

4. Trader Nick (TraderNick)

Subscribers: 339,000

The popularity of forex trading means that the sector is well covered by YouTube – Trader Nick, with 339k followers, is one of the best to follow.

Trader Nick’s methodology focuses on using technical analysis to identify currency market trends and trading in the same direction as them. While that is the secret to successful trading, it can be harder to do than it sounds. Nick’s insight into how to catch the ride is delivered by someone who has experience in mastering the art and who trades forex full-time for a living.

Most of the trading ideas operate in a timeframe ranging from four hours to two days and draw on the techniques used in pullback strategies. That’s a good fit for the currency markets and trading decisions are backed up by the inclusion of effective risk management techniques.

The channel considers trading ideas appropriate for relatively conservative traders. It is designed for those looking to make realistic returns rather than gamblers embarking on a high-risk strategy. There’s no Instagram-style ‘flexing’ or images of Lamborghini’s, which makes the channel a good fit for those looking to avoid the ‘lifestyle traders’ who aim to lure in unsuspecting newbies.

5. Brian Shannon (Brian Shannon)

Subscribers: 42,600

Brian Shannon is an experienced trader and analyst whose YouTube channel has over 42k followers. As a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) his analysis leans towards technical set-ups, but his trading experience leads him away from relying too heavily on price data alone. He also has a proven track record of being able to relay complex ideas and is a published author of books including ‘Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes’.

Shannon has been trading the markets for long enough to know candlestick patterns and trendlines, while useful, can only take some strategies so far. As a result, his pragmatic approach to how to play different market situations has seen him take on a role as a guest analyst on Fox Business News.

The video content is up-to-date and forward-looking. Discussing the market sell-off of 2022, he explained how his analysis would establish when the stock market bottomed out. He explained that he believed the bottom wouldn’t be V-shaped, but part of a long drawn-out process, which he described as “If they don’t scare you out, they’ll wear you out”. (Source: YouTube)

Shannon’s analysis can be used on a variety of timeframes. If you’re looking to tap into the thoughts of a qualified CMT who trades short and long-term strategies, then Brian Shannon’s channel is the one to head for.

6. UKspreadbetting (UKspreadbetting)

Subscribers: 362,000

The UKspreadbetting channel has one of the highest number of subscribers on our list. The interest in the channel stems from it providing videos that cover a wide range of asset groups and trading strategies.

Some of the material is more appropriate for beginners, but UKspreadbetting gains a place on our list of picks for advanced traders thanks to the sheer volume of research on offer. It’s an ideal place for a trader to head if they feel they need to rethink their approach or seek out a new market.

There are interviews with hedge fund managers and videos that explore ‘qaunt’ investment techniques. These sit alongside materials that offer a take on how effective traditional stock valuation techniques are and the pros and cons of short selling.

The approach of UKspreadbetting is to develop trading skills rather than identify what to trade. There is even space for those looking to carry out self-analysis. Trading isn’t always easy, which means there is value in tapping into the UKspreadbetting videos on topics that ask pertinent questions such as ‘Do you consider yourself an investor or a trader?’ and ‘Why do traders blow up?’.

7. High Altitude Investing (Highaltitudeinvesting)

Subscribers: 36,800

Not all cryptocurrency traders are looking to make a quick turn on a trade in a couple of hours. Some are playing a much longer game. Those who follow High Altitude Investing tend to fall into the second category. While they can pick up ideas on short-term price moves, such analysis is usually used here to provide context for where price will be in months, if not years.

The videos produced on the channel are correspondingly released every few weeks rather than daily and tend to be between 20 and 30 minutes in length. The topics covered in the deep-dive style research range from reasons why Bitcoin and altcoins could ultimately revolutionise the financial system to reasons why that hasn’t happened yet.

Picking the next ground-breaking altcoin can generate immense financial gains, but with more than 18,000 altcoins now in circulation, picking the right coin can be a time-consuming process. High altitude Investing does a lot of the legwork for those who don’t have time to immerse themselves in the pros and cons of different blockchains but who still want to gain exposure to that part of the sector.

8. Meir Barak (Meir Barak Tradenet Day Trading Academy)

Subscribers: 103,000

Meir Barak’s channel is an ideal place to head for those looking to follow a fellow trader actively trading. The Tradenet Day Trading Academy claims to have educated 40,000 traders since it was founded in 2004 and a lot of them get their first taste of the Barak approach by tuning in to daily live trading sessions.

From Monday to Friday, the channel screens live trading activity starting at 9.10am EST. That offers a great way to consider another trader’s approach or take on the live comments of others who are also watching.

The online trading competition, ‘Meir’s Trading Challenge’, runs in parallel with the channel and involves traders using virtual funds. It offers experienced traders a chance to try new strategy ideas in a risk-free environment. In addition, some of the T&Cs of the competition, such as limits on maximum drawdowns, help competitors practise taking on the markets in a disciplined manner.

The live trading is backed up by an extensive library of videos, which explore different ways to trade the markets. There’s enough thought-provoking material for even the most experienced trader, which makes Meir Barak’s channel a useful tool for those looking to push the boundaries of their own trading style.

9. Steve Miller (Steve Miller)

Subscribers: 33,500

Technical analysis can be used to trade any market and those looking to advance their understanding of the subject would do well to consider the popular Steve Miller YouTube channel.

Miller’s videos cover various asset groups, including options markets, and his analysis involves overlaying price charts with high-level technical analysis indicators. The extensive research he carries out uses a wide range of technical tools, many of which extend past the standard candlestick pattern analysis widely available elsewhere.

Miller’s 45-year career path has included stints trading options, futures, stocks and more. His approach has been refined to using a combination of technical and cyclical analysis, which makes his channel an ideal place for those wanting to factor in ideas from both fundamental and technical analysis.

10. Institute Of Trading (InstituteofTrading)

Subscribers: 289,000

The Institute of Trading provides insight from a series of professional industry experts. It includes videos featuring traders who have worked at the heart of the finance industry, at big investment banks, proprietary trading desks and hedge funds.

The figurehead of the channel is Anton Kriel, who, after leaving Goldman Sachs, has made a successful career out of lifting the lid on what really goes down on trading floors. Tapping into his list of industry contacts has enabled him to gain access to the thoughts of some of the industry’s biggest players – people who might not necessarily engage with mainstream media.

The interviews between the big movers and shakers of Wall Street and The City can run for 30 minutes or more and offer an insight into what happened at seminal moments in various markets. The ideas discussed might not necessarily identify price entry or target points on different assets. But they do reveal the thought processes of traders who have managed billion-dollar portfolios and whose decisions have, at times, moved the markets.

Most of the videos have a timeless appeal and even the interviews, some of which are a few years old, still pick up rave reviews from viewers. One stating, “Absolutely awesome interview! the questions, the way it was recorded, the vibes, everything. Very, very nice stuff. Even now, 7 years later. Congrats and thank you!” (Source: YouTube)

In short, the channel provides an insight others don’t. The take on how the markets work can be an invaluable addition to any trader’s decision-making process.

Final Thoughts

Recent viewer data indicates rival platform TikTok is gradually eating into YouTube’s market share. The former caps video length at three minutes, which makes them a better fit for those with limited spare time.

It could be a false economy to shift to shorter, more concise videos when considering complex trading situations. The functionality of YouTube allows content makers and viewers to consider challenges and opportunities to a granular degree. The meme stock craze associated with GameStop, for example, started with a 56-minute long video that illustrated just how much research went into drawing the conclusion that GME was undervalued.

Not only does the YouTube format allow for ideas to be explored in greater detail but the user numbers back up the idea that it is still the platform where most traders get their ideas. Around 62% of US YouTube users access the site on a daily basis, which equates to more than 122 million people. On a global scale, YouTube users watch more than 1 billion hours of content every day.

It is a ‘buyer beware’ situation as the platform is unregulated and there is no comeback on any of the ideas shared on the channels. However, established channels have developed their standing by giving viewers what works. It is important to remain vigilant to the risk of third parties asking for cash to be sent to them and, if you do decide to follow their ideas, then make sure your account is set up with a regulated broker as listed on AskTraders.

AskTraders is not responsible for the content hosted on the third-party websites, social media accounts, social media channels and their posts. We do not endorse any financial advice by the featured accounts and channels. The third-party content featured is not to be considered investment advice, a recommendation, solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any financial instruments.

Traders are advised to remain aware that profits are not guaranteed – losses must be factored in to any trading strategy.

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