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Top 10 Crypto Investors To Follow On Twitter

justin freeman
Justin Freeman trader
Updated 26 Oct 2023

Crypto’s ground-breaking approach has captured the attention of millions of investors, some of whom have made life-changing sums of money. With many in the financial establishment being late to the party, it isn’t big banks or established analysts who crypto investors turn to for investment ideas. Instead, it’s the social media channels such as Twitter that have become among the best places to crowdsource information but who are the best crypto investors to follow on Twitter/X?


Top 10 Crypto Investors To Follow On Twitter

Our top 10 crypto investors to follow on Twitter features profiles that share their trading ideas with thousands of followers. Establishing which are the best to follow is a logical step towards making your crypto trading successful.

Why Follow Investors On Social Media

The AskTraders list of the top 10 crypto investors to follow on Twitter has been compiled to reflect the diverse nature of the most popular authentic accounts. The profiles listed have been selected for their ability to appeal to a wider audience – ranging from true industry insiders to high-profile individuals and those profiles that approach the crypto sector and offer a fresh twist on proceedings.

Read on as we investigate which profiles are truly worthy of your social media timelines.

The Crypto Monk (@thecryptomonk)

Followers: 156,000

The Crypto Monk is an ideal Twitter account for those who are taking their first steps into adopting trading ideas from social media sources. The account was established in 2012, only three years after Bitcoin was born. If you want to share the thoughts of someone who has been following cryptocurrencies for more than a decade, The Crypto Monk is the account to head to.

Massive gap down incoming on the opening

— The Crypto Monk (@thecryptomonk) October 3, 2022

The Crypto Monk offers an all-round approach to crypto research, including detailed analysis and practical trading ideas. It’s an ideal account if you’re looking for insight on Bitcoin. The guidance offered is based on technical as well as fundamental analysis.

In an interesting twist, research carried out by The Crypto Monk also incorporates developments in other markets such as commodities and precious metals. It is this high-level approach that results in the conclusions of The Crypto Monk’s research being well thought through.

Crypto Poor Boy (@CryptoPoorBoy)

Followers: 100,000

The crypto sector is renowned for the pace at which changes can take place. That means newcomers such as Crypto Poor Boy, who gain a reputation for making the right calls, can establish their reputations in a short space of time. Crypto Poor Boy’s position as one of the new trend-setters is backed up by the fact that he has amassed more than 100,000 followers in less than two years.

Crypto Poor Boy’s comments extend to a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and altcoins are both catered for, and he has a reputation for identifying coins when they are rumoured to be about to be listed on major platforms like Coinbase. When those listings occur, a groundswell of new buying interest often sends price surging, so following Crypto Poor Boy and buying in early can result in significant gains though, the potential for losses will also need to be factored in.

Love this photo? #CoinbaseListLunc@Coinbase we know you see us, so it’s for when the $LUNC listing?#Coinbase #LUNC #LUNCARMY

Like & RT to keep this hype

— $LUNC Crypto Trending (@_CryptoTrending) October 1, 2022

One interesting feature of the Crypto Poor Boy profile is that a large number of posts are ‘Retweets’ rather than original messages. The idea-sharing ethos of Twitter means that the source of an idea isn’t important, but knowing the best place to go to keep up to date with events is.

Bluntz (@SmartContracter)

Followers: 211,000

As they evolve, cryptocurrencies have continued to develop their functionality – this extends beyond them simply acting as a form of currency. The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) craze of 2021 made many crypto traders rich. One such Twitter account that specialises in spotting the next big thing is Bluntz.

The Bluntz account was created in 2017 and now has more than 211,000 followers. The commentary specialises on the smart contract area of the crypto sector and also the Ethereum platform, which a large number of smart contracts are set up on.

we're in the final innings of this $eth correction correcting the rise from july.

Have been mapping this out step by step since august top, only 10% or so more down to go before we begin to look for long term buys.

— Bluntz (@SmartContracter) September 15, 2022

Bluntz posts trading ideas that involve quite detailed technical analysis on major coins and other asset groups such as gold. The profile is useful for spotting developing trends, as Bluntz states in their bio – “trader and bubble chaser when one pops find the next one.”

Cred (@CryptoCred)

Followers: 498,000

Any Twitter account with nearly half a million followers needs to be considered when drawing up a shortlist of the best crypto investors on the platform. Cred’s appeal to many of his followers is that, while offering specialist insight into the crypto sector, he also offers thoughts on the macro environment.

Posts appear carefully selected and are typically made every few days. The information provided is very much about quality rather than quantity. There are tweets on this profile on subjects ranging from how to develop a ‘trading mentality’ to the correlation between cryptos and major stock markets.

I wrote an article about trading psychology a year ago.

I'd change and add a couple of things, but overall it's still pretty decent and worth revisiting.

— Cred (@CryptoCred) October 1, 2022

CryptoCred is an ideal account for traders with a more selective approach. The mantra here is best explained by his comment during a podcast: “Don't manage a bad position, wait for the right one and take it from a position of strength” (Source: Uponly).

CryptoYoda (@CryptoYoda1338)

Followers: 257,000

CryptoYoda taps into the ‘alternative’ standpoint associated with cryptocurrencies and the hardcore following the coins attract. Here, the account’s 257,000 followers are shared into thoughts on market prices but are also treated to reports and articles on why cryptos need to keep their distinctive characteristics rather than merge into the mainstream.

CryptoYoda’s passion for blockchain projects doesn’t cloud his analysis and he has predicted price crashes as well as market rallies. If you want the views of someone who has been in the sector for years and has a track record of spotting trends, then CryptoYoda is one of the top profile choices out there.

entry bar, trendline break after retest of key support

— CryptoYoda (@CryptoYoda1338) September 12, 2022

CryptoYoda describes his approach as being based on “a strong emphasis on cryptocurrency, technical analysis, and spiritual matters of life” (Source: Utopia). The research notes on Bitcoin and altcoins can be extensive and detailed in nature. While the reference to ‘life’ and the Yoda avatar reflects the account’s focus on “ambition, learning, solitude and teaching, acting as a role model for my own ambitions in this world” (Source: Utopia).

Josh Olszewicz (@CarpeNoctom)

Followers: 150,000

Josh Olszewicz, with Twitter handle @CarpeNoctom formerly went by the name @IAmSatoshi and is a first generation crypto fanatic who first started Tweeting on the subject as far back as 2009. As such, Olszewicz followers can benefit from the experiences of someone who has seen crypto’s booms and busts from day one.

Now Head of Research at crypto investment house Valkyrie Digital Asset Management, Olszewicz is keen to stress his views are his own and that his tweets don’t constitute financial advice. At the same time, the ideas he shares on a wide range of coins are ideal for those looking for trading ideas.

New research shows how #bitcoin miners are building near sources of renewable energy in Texas ☀️

— Documenting Bitcoin ? (@DocumentingBTC) October 2, 2022

Drawing on elements of technical analysis, he uses charts and metrics to identify moments when crypto prices could break out. Those practical tips are backed up by research on ground-level aspects of the industry. These include reports on the proximity of Texas Bitcoin miners to renewable energy plants – which could go some of the way to solving Bitcoin’s issue of having too large a carbon footprint for many potential investors.

Nicola Duke (@NicTrades)

Followers: 100,000

Nicola Duke’s increasingly popular Twitter account reflects way cryptos are appealing to a new, wider audience. As one of the leading female influencers in the sector, her insight into a world once largely dominated by men has seen her gain more than 100,000 followers. It also reflects a step towards cryptocurrencies gaining greater mainstream acceptance.

Compared to some other crypto Twitter accounts, which may go into granular detail of a small part of the market, the NicTrades account is a more digestible read. This is backed up by her easy to follow and informative live trading sessions, which she hosts on her YouTube channel.

There is enough technical analysis and chart research here for those looking for trade entry points. However, the neat feature of the NicTrades account is that it incorporates research on geopolitical and financial system risk, and how those factors influence crypto prices.

This rally in the spoos is topping at the equal point to the February rally $ES_F #SPX

— Nicola Duke (@NicTrades) August 5, 2022

When bitcoin was originally developed in 2009, it represented an outcry by those who believed the financial and political establishment had created a broken system. NicTrades provides plenty of updates on why she and other crypto enthusiasts think that is still the case, and why crypto prices are potentially set to soar.

Tyler Winklevoss (@Tyler)

Followers: 1,000,000

One of the best-known crypto gurus on Twitter is Tyler Winklevoss who has more than one million followers. The high profile dates back to his role in the creation of networking site Facebook but has been cemented by @Tyler setting up his own cryptocurrency exchange, Gemini.

Tyler Winklevoss is a big player in the crypto markets – a true market insider. His posts give an insight into the thoughts of someone who is looking at the sector from a variety of different angles. While there’s not much direct guidance on trading ideas, there are regular updates on the moves in the industry that are likely to influence prices.

Ethereum $ETH staking is now live on @Gemini!

— Tyler Winklevoss (@tyler) September 29, 2022

There may be more ‘retweets’ than original material on this account, but the information shared is of benefit to anyone looking to understand how the crypto story will develop.

BitBit (@bitbitcrypto)

Followers: 123,000

BitBit is an out-and-out crypto investor. He runs a crypto prop-shop and the comments made on his Twitter page reflect he the extent of the time he spends following and trading the markets.

There is a focus on the two most popular coins, Bitcoin and Ethereum, whereby BitBit conducts extensive research on the relative strengths of the coins. Those with the view that there can only be one winner in the race to be the dominant crypto – backing BTC, or ETH – would do well to keep up to date with the analysis of a trader who concentrates on those two markets.

the comforting part about this up move is that bitcoin is a lot stronger than eth

— Bitbit (@bitbitcrypto) October 4, 2022

The analysis shared by BitBit is predominately based on price charts over different timeframes and there are few ‘retweets’. As such, the page is very much about his sharing his own ideas.

If you want to keep up to date with someone who appears to be watching crypto 24/7, then BitBit is the page to follow.

Elon Musk (@elonmusk)

Followers: 107,000,000

No shortlist of the most influential crypto investors on Twitter is complete without mention of Elon Musk. Not keeping up with the thoughts shared on the @elonmusk Twitter page can be a costly decision for any crypto trader. The maverick founder of Tesla only periodically makes comments on coins, but when he does, he can literally move markets.

Little know altcoin Dogecoin (DOGE), for example, rocketed in value by more than 50% in one day when on 4th February 2021 the @elonmusk account stated the following simple five-word sentence: “Dogecoin is the people’s crypto” (Source: Twitter).

ur welcome

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 4, 2021

The relationship between Musk and Twitter looks set to undergo more twists and turns due to Elon’s decision in October 2022 to buy Twitter for $44bn. Having a confirmed fan of coins running one of the world’s largest social media platforms opens the door to a range of new opportunities. Some of which even the most ardent fans of crypto might not have considered possible.

Final Thoughts

The anti-establishment ethos of blockchain finance was born out of the Financial Crash of 2009 and extends to how investors source and share information. Crowdsourcing and transparency are important factors in the world of blockchain currencies, and if you want to find out more information on the best cryptocurrencies to buy, Twitter has indeed become a proven place to start.

A point of note is that the crypto market is unregulated and there’s no comeback if Twitter posts result in you making a loss, so investors do need to follow a few ground rules. Never send funds to a third party and be wary of any Tweeter promising something that looks too good to be true.

AskTraders’ own Twitter account is also a great place to get a view on your next trades or existing positions. Our team of experts provide live news, market analysis, and more, to help your next decision be the best one it can be.

AskTraders is not responsible for the content hosted on the third-party websites, social media accounts, social media channels and their posts. We do not endorse any financial advice by the featured accounts and channels. The third-party content featured is not to be considered investment advice, a recommendation, solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any financial instruments.

Traders are advised to remain aware that profits are not guaranteed – losses must be factored in to any trading strategy.

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